Year of Projects: Week 48

Barreling toward the finish line.

Last week I had a couple of VERY quiet days when the kids went camping with their Grandparents. Much fun was had by all, and my kids were happy to be back home. Because apparently they missed us, even though we won’t let them eat chocolate at breakfast like my parents did. Aside: my parents NEVER EVER EVER let me have chocolate at breakfast, and rarely even purchased sweetened breakfast cereals.

As promises, some pictures of what my closet currently looks like. The sliding mirror doors are difficult to keep fingerprints off of and make accessing more than half of each side of the closet impossible. However, at this point, they are not broken, are functional enough, and therefore have not been replaced; much like the ceiling fan. Our 40 year old house also has all the original flat slab hollowcore builder’s grade doors. When we replace them, the closet doors will likely get a refresh too. But again, not a pressing project. I did FINALLY break down and get some cellular blinds for behind my curtains, I’m kicking myself for waiting so long. The windows are each just under 48″ wide, so I needed to get two shades. We went with the Levolor Light Filtering Cellular shades. We have them in 3 of the front facing rooms, and really like them.

Just in case you’re wondering, my spouse’s clothes are all on a different floor- he gets up for work at 3am and wants to be courteous and not wake me. Yes, I also own an obscene amount of hoodies and most of my clothing items are black.

Now for Yarn-y stuff!

The crocodile stitch did NOT make the cut.

I found a forgotten WIP when I was putting all my yarn away. It was from 2019 when I was teaching a block-a-month crochet along class. 12 classes each yielding a different block of approx. 12″x12″. The 13th class in the series was stitching up the blanket. I conducted the final knit class, but the crochet class never occurred. Because the only people who attended all 12 crochet block classes ALSO attended all of the KNIT block classes. We sewed them all together, so really it was the same class. I thought I would sew up the crochet blocks…. and didn’t. Fast forward to today (literally), I added in a few of the knit ones I did in early 2020. I have 3 more blocks to sew on, and I’m going to add a border. The class did NOT call for a border, however I think it looks unfinished and haphazard without one. Guessed finished size: 48″x50″.

The Door at Bag End.

I got my cream yarn for the hobbit door throw. Squaring the circle might not happen, I am considering alternative shapes for the finished product. THIS IS NOT ADMITTING DEFEAT.

Off the needles!

Until We Win: Fight is off the needles and awaiting a blocking bath. I bound off Saturday morning. A nice, aggressive blocking will really make this project shine.


17 responses to “Year of Projects: Week 48”

  1. That is a beautiful shawl!! Love those bright colors. Your new carpet runner is too pretty to walk on. So true about the blinds. For years we hated the 5am light coming into our bedroom. After we finally bought blackout shades, we were “why did we wait”!!! (Now that we are retired, we really like that we are able to sleep in till 8).

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    • I’m so excited to get it blocked! It’s going to really pop against my all black wardrobe. I have a friend who asked to test it for me already, which is really exciting. It’s going to really pop against my all black wardrobe.
      The carpet runners are wool and they feel AMAZING underfoot! I got them through Zulily for a reasonable price (the Blue Chiara Bellagio Wool Rug from Safavieh Rugs). When I replace the run in the dining room (in about 5 years), I’m going to spend the extra money and get a wool rug. I am really spoiled by little luxuries.


  2. Until We Win looks just beautiful. Can’t wait to see the finished shawl. And your hobbit door is awesome. 🙂 Those are some great squares you’ve knitted and crocheted up. Should make a wonderful blanket!

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  3. I like the idea of using knit and crochet blocks in the same blanket. How nice to complete a languishing WIP. Your shawl is gorgeous and the hobbit door is great!

    Sliding doors on closetsndo make it hard to access your entire wardrobe at once. How nice of your hubby to dress in another area so as not to wake you. Love the carpet runner. Very pretty.

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    • He really is thoughtful!
      We’ve brainstormed about what we could do instead of the sliding doors, but how things are set up, we couldn’t think of a better solution.


  4. Your closet organization is great – hmmmm – maybe I should get to it. My husband’s clothes are all on his dresser and my rocking chair – not a great system. So cool to find all those lovely squares to put together into another keepsake.

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  5. I could do with you in my house, my cupboards and draws are rammed full of random stuff just to keep it hidden! I tell myself I’ll get an organised system in place but I still haven’t managed it, I do however read a lot of books about organising 😀

    You’ve made some great progress on projects this week, I love the blanket.

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  6. Of course it’s not admitting defeat, it’s careful replanning. And since hobbit doors are just as round as the houses they’re built into, why would you square it anyway? It looks great, by the way, and so does the shawl, wonderful colours.

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    • As my friends proclaimed when they saw it last month, those are YOUR colors!!
      Getting everything in its right place seems to be an uphill battle; organizing, much like laundry is NEVER actually finished!


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