Sleep. Perchance to Dream.

This is what it looks like outside. Dark.

Just kidding. I’m awake. Its 5am where I am. I’ve been awake over an hour. Lame.

From yesterday. Bottoms Up!!

I finished the Acute Shawl from last week (no pictures). I started a cotton version of a boxy short sleeve pattern I started writing last summer; PlumBody to Love. The pattern is so seamless. I knit my fold-over hem together. The underarm is picked up and the shoulders are kitchenered together. I’m about 4 inches into the body now- this version seems to be working faster than my original. For now, its just miles of mindless stockinette, round and round, which I don’t mind. I read and knit. Just between you and me (and the internet), but I design most of my projects so I can read and knit at the same time. Or if its small enough, walk and knit.

Yes, I purchased a pair of new roller skates! They are black. I haven’t been skating since early high school: so about 1997 is my best guess.
Backstory: My kids have roller skates. They skate in the driveway/parking lot of our townhouse section. We also take them over to the outdoor roller hockey rink near our house sometimes. They have been asking us (spouse and I) to skate with them. I told spouse, if you get skates, I’ll get skates. We all now have skates.
So far, I’ve had them to the outdoor rink twice. I’ve only skated for 30 minutes each time. They are still REALLY REALLY STIFF- and I don’t want blisters! So far, I have no blisters. I can skate in a circle, and I can’t do any tricks or fancy moves beyond staying upright.
FYI: skating outside feels way more difficult than skating indoors. Our closest indoor rink is currently 40 minutes away; Shauwney’s Skate Palace is fundraising to open up in my town. PS: I purchased the skates from Shauwney’s Skate Palace and have all the good things to say!

From when they were new in box. They look more expensive than they were! I thought they delivered me the wrong skates at first!

Now I’m going to get back to knitting, pattern editing, and drinking coffee. The kids and I are going to go skating again today.

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2 responses to “Sleep. Perchance to Dream.”

  1. I like to knit and read too. It’s a weirdly satisfying combo of relaxing and productive that appeals to me. 🙂 LOL at “I can’t do any tricks or fancy moves beyond staying upright.” Staying upright is pretty fancy in my very limited skating experience book of tricks

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  2. The ultimate trifecta: knit/walk/audiobook!

    When I skated as a kid (into early HS in the late 90s), I could go around the rink with ease. But I couldn’t do anything fancy. And I was awful about how to stop (I used the wall…). This is also my first experience outdoor skating, and it’s…. Different!


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