Shout Out!!

Picture from the school principal’s twitter feed and cropped. (From last winter)

Its the morning before back-to-school here! The kids are so excited to go back and see friends, and learn all the new things. Back-to-school night was yesterday, and we got to see the classrooms, and meet this year’s teachers! We also got to see last year’s teachers, which was also great. The kids’ school has such an amazing team of educators, and so many of the senior teachers take on grade-team mentorship rolls. They truly are the heart of our community, and genuinely love their jobs and the families they teach.

With the kids going back to school, I have high hopes to get things accomplished while they are gone! Purging closets, toy boxes, PAPERS. Deep cleaning, the kind that you break a legit sweat doing. Organizing MY creative stuff- its gotten out of control lately. Pattern writing! I have quite a few patterns that are in the works- stay-tuned! Self-promotion. Not going to lie, this is my least favorite. However, its the most important if I want to be a “real” designer doing design work as my Job.

I have a test knitter for my first draft of Until We Win: Fight. My first section, I thought I couldn’t mess up and never did a line-by-line row count, the HUBRIS. WELL, as “luck” would have it, I forgot 2 (!!!) increases. Which threw my count off going into the second section. SO thankful for Jen catching my error! And for giving me humility- lesson learned. Always work out the row-by-row count and verify. Which prompted me to do a spreadsheet with the counts and a checklist for the rows worked. AND correct the issue by making a 2 stitch modification to the garter tab.

This prompted me to move up my re-knit of the shawl; which was already an intension. Just in case I encounter other errors, I can easily work them out in real time. I’m using a solid and a variegated that are frogged/deep stash. The not solid brown is Colinette Jitterbug– at least, I’m 98% certain of this. I don’t know what the brown is. I thought it was Louet Gems, but now I’m not so sure.


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