Shoddy Seamstress Adventures: More Reusable Face Wipes!

More reusable face wipes, now with bespoke mini-basket!

I had the itch to sew yesterday. I didn’t actually sew the two items that needed repairs. NOOO. I did two DIFFERENT unnecessary projects. There’s always tomorrow I guess.

First up!

Re-usable Face Wipes

When my kids were babies, we used reusable flannel wipes for all kinds of non-diaper tasks. Wiping noses, cleaning hands and faces. Stuff like that. Now that my kids are out of the baby phase and we never use the reusable wipes, they just sit in closets taking up space.

In finding small ways to reduce consumption of disposable products and keeping usable textiles out of landfills, I’ve been turning these flannel wipes into reusable wipes for micellular water, make up remover, and toners (etc). I still keep cotton squares on hand for nail polish removal (I don’t want any acetone not washing out of the reusable wipe and then putting it all over my face). Its not going to make a huge impact to the planet, but it makes me feel better. Best of all, they go into a mesh wash bag and get washed with the towels; no extra wash cycles required.


Using premade double layer cloths, I got to “cheat” on construction. Each wipe was about 4″x6″. I just cut them into quarters and sewed the two unfinished sides. If you are starting from scratch: layer your two flannels with the insides facing, cut to size (2″x3″ or 5cm x 7.5cm). Use an overlock stitch of the open edges, or all the way around with scratch projects. I didn’t bother to go with matching thread, just what I had a current abundance of.


I whipped up a bespoke mini-basket out of 3 strands of dishcloth worsted cotton and a J hook.

Other Sewing!

That’s right, I wasn’t done sewing after I made the face wipes. I had some autumn themed fabric and I turned some of it into a table mat for centerpieces and the water pitcher when I’m not using a table runner. A quick, straight, but freehanded quilt. Its reversible, if you don’t inspect my binding too closely.

And that’s that!


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