A Year of Projects: Weeks 9/10

No time for love, Dr. Jones.

I feel the month of October was a lot of wheel spinning. I was BUSY, but I don’t feel particularly accomplished. This past weekend was my youngest’s birthday (complete with backyard party) AND Halloween. Our Girl Scout troop participated in two Trunk-or-Treats last week. The local Girl Scout troops (which ended early because of sudden torrential downpours) and our local YMCA’s Trunk-or-Treat, which was moved indoors because of the HEAVY rains. I would have been more comfortable outside at the Y’s event- my fleece spider costume was WARM.

Speaking of which:

Me, as a spider.

I’m not going to lie, this might be my FAVORITE picture of me EVER.
My spider costume is purchased (because I didn’t want to give myself stress or deadlines). This picture is from last Monday (25 October). We had a spider theme for our trunk, all the girls made spiders and we made an epic informational poster about local spiders. Finding a specific frumpy/fun costume is difficult, BTW. SO many costumes are “naughty” or “sexy”, the exact opposite of what I was going for. I did NOT want to be a “sexy spider” or some such nonsense.

Yarn Stuff

When I’m feeling “stuck” I whip up a hat. I find them to be relatively quick to finish, and are infinitely awesome at using odd ball stash and jumpstarting my creativity. My daughter’s new hat (the pink one) is going to be slouchy on her. I would have made it longer, but I ran out of yarn. I have the pattern for version 1.0 all typed out. I’m currently making version 2.0, which is also partial ball stash, but will feature a body 3 or so inches longer. For all intents and purposes, version 2.0 patterning is finished all I need is ACCURATE yardage information. Which is easy to calculate, but I like to double check my numbers with . A version 3.0 in one color (no contrast brim) is on the horizon. As well as a version 4.0 with two colors in the pattern section- which may be a different hat pattern entirely.

With the completion of my daughter’s hat I have 79 balls of stash yarn used from January 2021 through October 2021. 21 more to go in 2 months, I totally got this?


11 responses to “A Year of Projects: Weeks 9/10”

  1. Fabulous costume! How fun. Sounds like lots of fun celebrating. Loving your multicolor hat brims. The pattern on the solid part is perfect. So cute. Looking forward to knitting up your Say Yes to Pie sock pattern which is next up after I finish my colorwork Advent Socks. Knitting Say Yes to Pie sounds like the perfect pattern for November! 🙂

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  2. Love the spider costume. It does look a might bit warm though. Too bad it rained for your Halloween. Twenty one more balls of yarn to be used by the end of the year? Hopefully they are all partial skeins lol. I know I could not use that many in 2 months unless they were mini skeins.

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    • I was doing SO WELL, then BAM. Somehow my usage slowed way down! I have a couple projects to finish that would really boost my used stash over the top (I don’t count the ball as used until the project is complete).

      My spider costume IS really warm! I wore on on Halloween night, and I was the only one warm enough!


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