Frederick Fiber Festival 2021

This is the first fiber festival I’ve attended since Fall 2019 (also the Frederick Fiber Fest). WOW. Two years. Two WHOLE years. Its a small event, occupying 3 smallish buildings at the local fairgrounds. Bonus points for being less than 5 minutes from my house. I had machinations of biking there this morning, but we had our first HARD FROST, an it was barely 30 degrees F (-1 C!!). I’m crazy. I’m not crazy LIKE THAT. I’m soft these days.

I was VERY reserved in my accumulations. Mostly because I don’t exactly know where I’m going to store my new pretties.

First purchase of the day! Three skeins of DK weight yarn from Passion Knits Yarn! All three are the colorway Peablossom. Two are virtually identical, the third took up the dyes a little different, a different position in the dye tray.

Honestly, I wanted SO MANY of her colorways! It was hard to choose just one. She has a lot of really pretty ones. I hope I see Passion Knits at a festival again!! I want to buy more colorways!

Next up: my FAVORITE: AT Haynes House Yarns. I love ALLLLLLL of Terri’s colorways. Terri had so many amazing fall colorways with her! It was hard to pick just a few.

From Left to Right: Sock Set: Have You Kronked Me Yet/Wrong Lever (fingering 75/25), The Special One (DK, SW), Fall Sky Over Andi’s House (fingering, SW).

I’ve been eyeballing Fall Sky Over Andi’s House since its release (last fall??) and I’m so happy to have gotten my mitts on it this morning. Shawl or cowl plans are forming.

Also, a new art print! I loved so many of her prints/originals, but alas, I only choose one to bring home with me. In the future, her original paper cuttings are STUNNING and dimensional. Now to buy a frame and hang this up.

Here are all 4 skeins of DK I picked up today. I dream of them coming together in a short sleeved awesome sweater of some kind. The springy pastels are not really in my wheelhouse, but I still found them IRRESISTABLE. Pairing them with a stunning, deep, tonal kettle dye will be a LOT of fun! I like minimalist colorwork, so that may be part of the plan. Or just contrast bindings. The beauty of putting it together into something new!

I spent less than 2 hours at the festival, which is fine by me. By and large, this is a fairly small event: +/- 50 vendors. There were some pretty substantial pockets of people, and that made me pensive; not having been in a crowd in a couple years made it a bit anxiety producing at times. My anxiety comes into play when I feel trapped by lots of people- like I can’t see a way to get out. People claustrophobia?? Everyone was nice, and didn’t push or shove or squeeze, and people used their manners and said “excuse me”. This is my third time attending this festival, and it was nice to get out and touch yarns in the wild. Hopefully this spring will be the return of MD Sheep and Wool- and that I’ll have a free weekend!

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  1. Wow, such beautiful acquisitions. I am happy to hear you had fun at the festival. I went to Rhinebeck this year. It was crazy crowded, but it did feel good to be around all that knitting wonderfulness.

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