A Year of Projects: Week 33


Instead of agonizing that it could be “MORE” perfect, I FINALLY released another pattern. TWO in fact!

Bellows Mitten

In 3 sizes, uses fingering held double to create a marl effect. Perfect for partial skeins: requires 140, 170, 200 yards in each of 2 yarns.

Free on Ravelry (until April 8th) with code: chill

Right Round (Scarf and Cowl)

Perfect for advents, minis, partial skeins, and single skeins! Pattern options for an Extra-long scarf, wrappable narrow cowl and a wide single loop cowl are included. All options are worked tubularly.

Free on Ravelry (until April 8th) with code: rightround

These are the first releases I formatted in Google Docs instead of Microsoft Word. I’m still learning what I can do in Google, but it was nice to make changes on my phone and tablet so I wasn’t tied to my desk (where my computer is). I’m not going to rework all my previous releases so the formatting matches, but I think the convenience of anywhere editing is worth the learning curve. All the patterns I’ve STARTED in Word, I’m going to migrate over.

In the spirit of ALWAYS creating, I started a new shawl out of yarns I wound last week! I’ve been rethinking and tweaking my ideas somewhat, but I think a V-shaped shawl is really what I’m going for. It’ll be worked in 3 sections. I have the first section started. And I REALLY like it. When blocked, those eyelets are REALLY going to open up!


I’m hoping for a productive week! Until next time!


12 responses to “A Year of Projects: Week 33”

  1. Hope you have a good week. The mittens are lovely and I love the colour of yours. The start of your v necked shawl looks lovely as well.

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    • Thanks! It helps that Docs is at least intuitive for a decades long Word user! I even made myself a template so I don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time!


  2. Congrats and getting your patterns online! Well done, and I love the colours and look of your shawl – can’t wait to see it blocked but it looks awesome as is. You had a very productive week and I imagine next week will be just the same.

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    • Google Docs is free, and is good for basic word processing. Also, it autosaves, so you don’t need to worry about forgetting and losing your work.
      And thank you! My releases have been pretty well received so far, and that does feel really good.

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