A Year of Projects: Weeks 34, 35, 36, 37

A month of updates!

Oh, hi everyone. Its me, the errant YOPper. I’ve been working on a couple new designs, finalizing for release, and doing other life stuff.

The Peablossom Special is DONE. I’m working on the lace charts for the “wings”, which is a SLOW process. My new torso is ready for pictures, but I will need a sunnier day when I’m home for all that. My hope is to get it out in time for Maryland Sheep and Wool next weekend (May 7&8). Doable.

I then had an idea for the Misty Mountains Cowl, and worked it up IMMEDIATELY. I finished the pattern this morning, the pictures from the other day were GREAT, and my lace chart was easy to complete. All I have to do is release it! Which will be this week.

I started the THIRD Plumbody sweater iteration. I liked the first two. But they weren’t perfect. I think this one will be, I’m knitting it in Lang Yarns’ Karma. No pictures yet. 6″ into the slightly cropped body so far. My pensiveness to release my first garment pattern is unwarranted, but still present.

Also, since hobbies tend to multiply, I’ve gotten some punch needle supplies. The mountains are a kit from Amazon: a whopping $13. The flowers were freehanded onto monk cloth then punched from scrap yarn from the mountain kit and from other yarn I had laying about. I think this will be a good use for small scraps. Both projects hovered under the two hour mark. I also haven’t stabbed myself yet. I’m going to call my novice attempts successes.

Its been a busy month of family fun. I have ALL my lovely finds from the Frederick Fiber Fest to share- I’ve purchased more yarn in the week after Easter than in the preceding 6 months. Sheep and Wool is still coming up…. my bank account is GROANING already!


11 responses to “A Year of Projects: Weeks 34, 35, 36, 37”

  1. I would agree, your first two punch needle projects look a success to me. Sounds like you have lots to keep you busy. Your ‘new torso’…am I missing something? Enjoy the wool festival, and please share what goodies you bought on a blog post.

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  2. I am so impressed by anyone that designs. I can’t even imagine where to start but it is educational watching your progress. And now I have to go google punch needling. Who knew – some other rabbit hole I can fall down. I am cold sheeping at the moment, probably until the fall. We will see how long my resolve holds. I would love to ogle your new purchases though.

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    • I have a head full of ideas, many of them the realm of what is possible. I am learning that making something up and writing a workable pattern are very different skills sets!
      I’m about to go cold sheep after all the yarn I’ve bought recently!


    • Thank you! These might be two of my favorite from this year. I don’t do much lace knitting, but the promise of spring made for the right mood to create lacy projects.


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