A Year of Projects: Week 44

I’m back. Maybe.

A YOP blog! I have not made a YOP post in almost 2 months. I’ve been doing the normal stuff.

With the last 8 weeks of my YOP quickly coming to a close, I started reflecting. My goals for the year were amorphous at best. Next year I will set SMART goals- and plan for success.

I worked up the left mitten (sans thumb) for the Mitty Mitt Mittens (who knows if the name will stick), and I modified the cable and the palm to fit my vision. I changed the tiny 2 stitch cable frequency from 3 rows to 4, this made it easier to work the main cable and is visually un-noticeable.
Trying to cable a cable while cabling a cable is insanity- do not try this at home. Using two cable needles is fidgety. There was no established typeface character for what I was doing, and I don’t have the skillset to create a font character. The keep-it-simple postulate wins again. I ripped out the right mitt back to the cuff to do it again. Good thing mittens are quick! Because I’m considering moving the placement of the thumb side cable 4 stitches over.

I’m toying with the idea of charting the ENTIRE mitten body in addition to the regular chart.

No new progress on my Wet Your Plants socks. I just need to knit the second sock. We all know how that can be.


7 responses to “A Year of Projects: Week 44”

    • Thank you so much! Doing it until its RIGHT is a blessing and a curse.
      I find the design part “easy” (even with multiple re-dos), but focusing on pattern writing is a real struggle for me!


  1. Oh goodness. Haven’t heard the SMART terminology since I retired from Procter. I like viewing my goals as “stretch goals”. Good to have in mind but not the end of the world if I fall short, especially since knitting is a hobby for me. Your cable in a cable does sound complicated. But I know you will come up with a beautiful pattern in the end.

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    • When I was in grad school, SMART planning all the time. Its ALWAYS in the back of my mind when planning. Plus ticking off items feels SO GOOD.
      Today is rainy, so I am scheduling time to sit down and chart and pattern write! I just need to prevent getting distracted.

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  2. WW talks about SMART goals and for sure they are helpful. I think my goals for the upcoming Yop year will be quite small, and more flying by the seat of my pants (what else is new?)

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    • I love how goal setting for pretty much any task can utilize the same set of parameters and meeting timelines are literally one step at a time until completion. To paraphrase the quote: The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.


  3. Haha I used to give training classes to managers about setting their employees SMART objectives…very much a do as I say, not as I do. My list is measurable but definitely not achievable or realistic…I always need more than I can manage on my plate to get motivated to do anything. That’s why I like YOP, it gives me the motivation to keep going at achieving my unrealistic list of tasks I’ve set myself. I love Mary-Anne’s comment so I’m glad I’m a bit behind reading this. Good luck with your round up post when it comes, you’ve had a very productive year so far and you still have a couple of months to go.

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