A Year of Projects: Week 45


Working on stuff.

The week is almost over, but I’m going to make a YOP post anyway.

A jumble of cabled mitts awaiting thumbs.

I’m about to start the thumbs on my Mitt Mitty Mittens, I hope that get it right the first time. I ripped out the left mitten, to change the position of the thumb cable. It looks MUCH better, I am satisfied. I will say, the yarn has held up incredibly well to my repeated rippings and reworkings and general abuse. I’m using Sheep Graffiti on the base Freckled Ewe in the colorway Lilas. The yarn is a supewash merino tweed; tweeds always make me think of cables. I think this yarn will wear well for mittens, even if its less warm because of the superwash.

A crumpled pile of knitting.

I’ve also been working on what will be a giant scrappy shawl out of my sock leftovers. Its a mindless garter on size 6 needles with a YO increase edge. Good for when I need to keep my hands moving, but when I want to occupy my brain with something else. So far I’ve used 2 partial balls (a much as 50 yards) and a tiny remainder ball (less than 20 yards). I didn’t really plan this project well; I should have started with the SMALLEST pieces in my stash and worked my way up in yardage. I didn’t do that. And I’m not about to rip it back and change it now.

That’s all for this brief update. Until next time!


10 responses to “A Year of Projects: Week 45”

  1. Your mitt yarn is beautiful. I’m looking forward to seeing if I can use up leftover yarn in the Sea Glass tee or sweater. I have a feeling I’ll be making quite a few as a means to use up yarn. Scrappy socks are also always an option. Hmm, fun things for the future.

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    • Craft projects are like books. Sometimes you want that deep philosophical or scientific text with substance and meaning; one that changes how you see life and the universe. Sometimes you want some easy to enjoy escapism.

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