Year of Projects: Week 46


The past couple of days have not gone quite as anticipated. I didn’t really have the headspace to blog, and to be honest, still don’t. Today I have a headache, and I think its dehydration in nature. I took a couple tylenol and am pounding water. *sip, sip*

I started my 2nd “Wet Your Plants” sock. I modified the first row slightly, and am infinitely happy with this small modification. I haven’t knit much on them this weekend. Since I’m verifying the chart is correct so I can write out for written instructions, I need to devote a lot of attention! I’m also knitting these on size 1s, so they are SLOW going! I prefer to knit my socks on 1.5 or 2s so they are a faster knit.

This week I didn’t have a knit or crochet project I was interested in working on, so I finished spinning up some fiber I started spinning a FEW YEARS AGO. I’m letting it rest on the bobbin until I can get it hanked for wash and whacking. Hopefully this week?? My wheel is working meh these days; I really need to get a full overhaul. The thought of buying a brand new wheel gives me sticker shock!

Today, I decided to take my knitting for a walk and got stuck in a rain shower- I still got a mile done. But here’s a thing about me: I REALLY REALLY REALLY dislike walking in the rain. Damp clammy hands, water running into my eyes, and wet feet are NOT my jam. They garter shawl I’m working on didn’t get too wet (I stuffed it back into the project bag!). Had I waited 45 minutes, the rain would have passed and it would be sunny, a bit humid, but only in the low 80s. I’ll just have to try again another day.

The Mitty Mitt Mittens are complete. They need a photo shoot and some pattern tech editing.

And that was week 46!


14 responses to “Year of Projects: Week 46”

  1. Really like the ‘wet your plants’ sock as well as your mitt. Walking in the rain sounds like fun to me. As long as there isn’t lightening I’m down with it.

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    • I like the IDEA of walking in the rain. If I was wearing actual shoes instead of Birkenstocks and a raincoat, it would have been nice. It was a pretty gentle rain and not terribly hot after all.


  2. Gotta love these “pop up” showers. I got caught in one today too but it was just running from the store to the car so not too bad. Your spun yarn is beautiful; Cute name for the colors. Love your “wet the plants” pattern. Are those baby bobbles at the top?

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    • We have been getting enough rain to keep our fence too damp to refinish, but not enough that I don’t have to get the hose to water my plants.
      I’m excited for the cold weather, ONLY 4-5 months away for me.

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      • Our heating came on yesterday morning and it’s set to only come on if the temperature is very low. I need to paint our windows but with the wind blowing pollen and other stuff and the rain it’s proving impossible so far. But it’s more time for guilt free crafting though 😂

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      • WOW, the HEATING???? Its be too hot and muggy to even turn OFF the AC. I have some serious chilly weather envy!
        We are finally out of pollen season, so I get a break on my allergy meds (unless I’m visiting with dogs) until October.
        Cheers to crafting instead of housework!

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    • I fell asleep on the living room floor while playing Hungry Hungry Hippos with my son. Magically, my headache was got when I woke up. I think it was my message from the universe to sleep more.
      This afternoon should bring me time to work on those socks more. I can’t wait to share them.

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