A Year of Projects: Week 47

Nominal Progress.

Been making some progress on my projects. I snapped a couple pictures on my back deck a few minutes ago just for this post.

Here’s what I’ve been making with my leftover sock yarns lately. I’ve used 6 partial/scrap balls so far. I would say I’m at the 30% mark. Using a size 6 needle. I have been taking this on walks and working on it some evenings when I’m not crocheting the v blanket. No new pics since the other day. I started the 2nd of 7 contrast center skeins.

Here is an actual finished picture of the Mitty Mitt Mittens. I haven’t revisited the pattern lately and can’t seem to remember what needed to be done, besides pictures. I am still toying with the idea of including a chart for the ENTIRE mitten, cuff to tip. I even purchased myself a pair of “blue light” glasses to mitigate the eyestrain from working on the computer for long stretches.

I’m on the second (of three) repeats of the second chart (out of 3 plus the cuff rib). No errors found yet. This is promising. I’m starting to wonder if I’m a magician.

That is a wrap on my projects right now. My spun yarn is still…. “resting” on the bobbin.
Haven’t gotten out the sewing machine in a while either, even though I have a bunch of projects I want to make! Maybe if I do the prep work (plan, cut, pin), I’ll feel inspired.
My daughter IS about to outgrow her PJ pants. The newest ones (made sometime in 2021) are currently 4″ too short. I might just make some adult XS and cinch up the waist, she is getting REALLY TALL. The old ones are also getting a bit snug in the seat. I’ve been making her the same waist/hip size with different lengths since she was 5; she’s 8 now. I have some STRETCHY grey sweater knit she picked out last summer and a bold banana print on teal that should be a good start to making her new PJ pants.


11 responses to “A Year of Projects: Week 47”

  1. What a fun scrap project! We’ve got a similar PJ pant issue over here. My daughter loves her fleece pj’s even though they are 3 inches too short! She’s in sewing class at the moment so she’s going to make herself a few new pairs.

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    • My daughter REALLY wants to learn how to use my sewing machine, but I’m not 100% sure she has the attention span yet! I don’t consider myself a competent enough seamstress to teach her either, so there’s that. I do hope you share your daughter’s finished sewing project.


    • Yeah, she’s grown A LOT in the last year. Half of her stuff is too short in the legs or torso now! Bonus points: PJ pants uses a good amount of yardage so I will have less stash fabric!

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