Cozy Neighborhood Vibes

Stay cozy, friends!

This was SUPPOSED to be a knit cowl. I know, I KNOW, assigning certainty to my fiber arts is a recipe for disappointment. You see, all I needed to do was go upstairs and get my 16″ size 6 circular needed to start the project. I had IDEAS. But limited motivation- I have SO MANY designs in the works I didn’t REALLY need another to antagonize me.

Spoiler: apparently I DID need another design project. I was photographing a few drawstring bags for my Etsy, and I wanted some action shots. The yarn looked lovely in the bags, but needed a hook or needle to make it look like a REAL project and not a staged picture. Then my brain started saying, Why NOT crochet? Why should knitting have all the fun? Then I was off.

The yarn is from Neighborhood Fiber Company and was purchased directly from them at Maryland Sheep and Wool. The cloud-like airiness of Suri Loft with the crispness of Studio DK seemed like a no brainer to work together. I love all the bright colors of the Shepard Fairey colorway, and thought the different textures would look great in a neck accessory.

Nothing is particularly difficult in this cowl. The textures and colors are the main focus, not intricate stitch work. Its constructed of HDC (half double crochet), HDCBL (HDC in back loop only), DC (double crochet), DC2tog. It worked up really fast too- THANKS CROCHET!

I love the extra poofs in the Suri Loft sections! They were part of the original vision, and look great in crochet.

Who knows when inspiration will strike? Definitely not me.


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