YOP 2023: 1/52

New Year- New Shenanigans!!

Ahhh- smell that FRESH NEW YEAR smell. I have some new YOP goals to keep me motivated to create. Some are rollover goals, like use 100 balls of yarn and use enough craft materials to keep everything in one spot. Some are NEW: Cricut projects!! One is just a checklist to release a HUGE backlog of patterns.

Last YOP cycle, I fell off about mid-year. I stopped checking stuff off. I was still creating, just not sharing. I love to share my work. It brings me joy- I’m going to get back to doing what brings me joy. Creating stuff, sharing the process, and then releasing the pattern so you can create your own!

My low-tech tracking and planning.

Fun fact about me: I like paper lists. Putting pen to paper makes my intention REAL instead of conceptual. This is why I have better success with paper planners instead of digital planners as well.

Until next week: I’ll leave you with a selection of patterns awaiting release!


13 responses to “YOP 2023: 1/52”

  1. Definitely have to find what works and it’s okay to try lots of stuff. My knitting calendar/plan keeps evolving which I find fun. But I love the rainbow colors of your planner. I still use colored pens and markers on our paper family calendar to display who is doing what, when, and where. I look forward to your patterns getting released.


  2. Oh definitely, paper lists all the way! I love stationary and journals – I look forward to you working through your plans.


  3. I am a paper list person also. I didn’t know you were a designer!?! Where have I been? What’s the name of your Etsy shop? Will your designs be on Ravelry? I love your projects from last year and can’t wait to see this years projects.

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    • I’m MiscDesignStudio on Etsy. My designs are primarily on Ravelry (tbh: they have the best transaction prices and no listing fees)- also under Miscellaneous Design Studio. I’ve been “designing” for about 20 years, but have only been putting out patterns for 3.


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