Greeting From the Far Side.

A somewhat accidental hiatus.

Hi. I’m alive. And quite well. I’ve decided today was the day to write a blog. I had some guilt about my hiatus, thereby extending it further. Which is all absurd, because blogging is not compulsory. And the guilt was misplaced. As it happens I’ve been not really doing a lot of social media posting. Just the natural ebb and flow of the universe stuff. I hope to be motivated to blog, I’ve missed “talking” about my work.

Here’s some pictures of things I’ve been creating since February.

I have also been crocheting 200+ basic 5 round granny squares in fingering weight yarn, with a D hook (similar to the pillow). Ultimately to make a throw (that I do not need). The project started in part because I wanted to clear out random sock weight stash, to make room for new random sock weight stash. A couple of the yarns completely clash, and the finished squares will be overdyed in black or gray or something else entirely. I haven’t decided yet. Once all the squares are finished and I figure out a lay out, I can decide on overdye to make a cohesive throw.

One of the early squares. Yarn was dyed by me back in 2009-ish.
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