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  • Oh Snap!

    A Pile of New Yarny Finds I always think of spring as the start of Fiber Fest season, even though I only go to a couple local events. Frederick Fiber Fest is pretty small, with less than 100 vendors. But two of my favorite dyers, Passion Knits and AT Haynes House Yarns, were there! Bonus […]

  • This Wild Life

    Here at my house, the whirlwind of Easter/Spring Break/my first born’s birthday is still in full swing. Easter was the usual TOO MUCH candy. I went to Target and just indiscriminately threw bags into the cart. There was SO much candy that I had to go purchase more reusable plastic eggs, and there are still […]

  • Addition and Subtraction

    I’m not TRYING to grow my stash. I swear! It’s just… I can spend money faster than I can knit or crochet. And the pretties… they CALL to me! We stayed in Williamsburg last week, we had an outdoor wedding to attend last weekend, and my in-laws had a bunch of timeshare they needed to […]

  • New Yarn!!

    This past week I’ve been working on the small version of the Spring, Sprang, Sprung Cowl. I think I’m going to leave this version with just the edge created by the pattern itself, since it’ll be so much smaller, I don’t think it will need the extra stability of the additional border. Now that I’m […]