This Wild Life

Here at my house, the whirlwind of Easter/Spring Break/my first born’s birthday is still in full swing.

Making certain we got all the real eggs (photo taken mid-count)

Easter was the usual TOO MUCH candy. I went to Target and just indiscriminately threw bags into the cart. There was SO much candy that I had to go purchase more reusable plastic eggs, and there are still 4 bags of unopened candy. The take away: Don’t buy candy in a hurry and you can always go buy more. Besides too much candy, the kids did an Egg hunt out in the yard with dyed eggs and candy eggs.

We went and visited my in-laws during spring break, and while there we took a day trip to Virginia Beach (they are about an hour away). We ALL got sunburn because I didn’t think to actually bring sunblock with us that day. I figured we would be there an hour or two. We were there fore 5 hours! I had high hopes for taking pictures of my finished Peablossom Special, but it was SO WINDY that it couldn’t happen. At least it kept me warm.

I got better pictures of my shawl in my dining room, and the wind wasn’t whipping my hair all over. After a couple of YEARS trying to get representative shots of my patterns, I think I’m going to finally breakdown and get a mannequin torso. No idea where it will live, but I think it might by the answer. I can’t afford a professional photographer, yet. AND all my art photographer contacts are a few hours away.

Which brings me to: The Peablossom Special is off the needles! The pattern is written. I am going to chart the lace next week when my days are quiet; charting isn’t DIFFICULT, but it is TIME CONSUMING. SO stay tuned for the Peablossom Special! It’s HUGE. And warm. Perfect for a chilly spring day. I’m wearing it to the Frederick Fiber Fest today and I can’t wait to show it off to the dyers who inspired me to design this project.

My new pretties!

While in Virginia Beach, we hit up a new to me yarn store: The Yarn Club. I simply cannot WAIT to go back this summer! I wanted to bring all the yarns home with me. While there, I got some new yarns too! One to make a summery tee, the long designed and not released PlumBody to Love. The pattern is done, and I’m in love with it. But I haven’t knit it up in the right yarn for release yet. At least that’s what I keep telling myself is the reason. As soon as I finish up my current WIP/design, I’m casting on the tee (hopefully tomorrow).

Which brings me to my current WIP, the Misty Mountains Cowl. Knit in Cornbread & Honey’s non-superwash fingering and dyed special for Chestnut Hills Farm and Fiber. A simple lace that is reminiscent of mountains that stretch as far as the eye can see. I’m 8/10 repeats in. I can’t wait to get it off the needles and blocked!

Today is a day full of fiber festing, driving across the county to drop some old clothes off for textile recycling, cupcake baking, birthday party prep, laundry, house cleaning, overly optimistic gardening, and maybe a quick car wash (the pollen is THICK). And now, I think your mostly, kinda, caught up on my life. Until tomorrow, when I have machinations of posting a YOP update!


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  1. Peablossom looks beautiful. Aldi or Lidl sometimes have special offers here on tailor’s dummies…I find it hard to photograph FOs and my husband is pretty hopeless if I ask him, I can’t imagine the nightmare when it’s photos you want as your shop front or product photos. These photos show it is a very pretty pattern though.


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