New Yarn!!

Spring, Sprang, Sprung Cowl: Small

This past week I’ve been working on the small version of the Spring, Sprang, Sprung Cowl. I think I’m going to leave this version with just the edge created by the pattern itself, since it’ll be so much smaller, I don’t think it will need the extra stability of the additional border. Now that I’m reaching the end of self testing on my cowl, this week I will put it into Beta-Testing! I’m excited, I will be recruiting test knitters from today (2/24) until 3/1.

With the publication nearing on the cowl, I’m pondering my next design, a cabled hat, a sweater idea, socks. The yarn is all ready to go. Its nice having so many ideas to choose from, and the beautiful yarns to execute them. To be completely honest, even though I have knit dozens of sweaters (designing more than half of them), I don’t know if I am ready to publish a sweater pattern yet. It seems so DAUNTING. Sizing for 30/32″ up to 68/70″ leaves so much room for error. The ratios that work for a 30″ garment are not the same as required for a 70″ garment. Putting out a WELL FITTING size inclusive garment is important to me.

My pretties!! A colorwork sweater and two pairs of socks await.

But NOW for the REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF. I totally purchased way too much new yarn this weekend, and a new project bag. One of my favorite, local, indie dye studios did a trunk show at my LYS. AT Haynes House Yarns is GOING PLACES. I met Terri at the Frederick Fiber Festival in 2019, and I fell in love with their colors, the bases, the stories behind ALL THE COLORS. I met her spouse, Brian, at the Knot House this weekend. We chatted about colors and him and I came up with some great color combinations that I CANNOT wait to knit. Not only are they both crazy talented (Brian makes all the bags!!!), but they are both so awesome to interact with. If they aren’t going to be at a store or festival near you, you HAVE to check out their Etsy Shop!! You will NOT be disappointed in the colors, the quality, or the SQUISH factor. I’ve purchased 11 skeins from them, SO FAR. I have encountered zero knots or poorly spun areas.

I wanted EVERY COLOR. But alas, money IS a limiting factor.

I’m so excited about working with my new yarns that I broke out my winder and swift this morning. I think after 10 years my winder is finally on its way out. My cakes are rarely perfect anymore. I have to wind at least half of them twice, and they are still questionable. It would have been less annoying to wind them by hand, way more time, but at least they wouldn’t look so bad on the bottom. SOO I guess I’m in the market for a new winder?? My swift will last me the rest of my life. Even with moderate use, it hasn’t started to show its age in a decade.

Looks good, right?
Not so much, these bottoms. At least I can still knit with it.
Nothing could save the last wind of the day. I gave up, and just hand wound the last 75 yards or so.

Does anyone have a suggestion on a new winder? What brand do you love? Any you recommend I avoid? My KnitPicks plastic one lasted 10 years, which I will say is pretty good. I saw a heavy duty wood and metal one, but it was over $400, about 4 times my limit on this tool ($100 budget is totally reasonable for just a winder, I think).

As of 2/24/2020 FYI: all links are unaffiliated. I just want to promote awesome products, people, and places!!


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  1. […] The yarn is AT Haynes House Yarns Alien Worsted in The Good Ice, Brownie, and Curry Goat (100% Superwash Merino. 215 yards). AT Haynes House Yarns is one of my FAVORITE indie dye studios of ALL TIME. Not only do I LOVE the colorways, and the yarns, but honestly, I think Terri and Brian are such awesome people. Lets not kid ourselves, we buy/support PEOPLE we LIKE. I got the yarns at a trunk show at my LYS, the Knot House back in February. I even wrote about it HERE. […]


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