Cardi Starti

I’ve named my deep stash cardigan Cardi B. Its a cardigan. And the B plan for this yarn. It’s still a sweater for me with cables. But not the all over cable pull-over of my dreams from a decade ago. I have a feeling it’s too frumpy for the actual Cardi B, but absolutely on brand for a middle aged suburban mom of 2.

Not an accurate color representation of the actual progress representation.

M1 raglan increases flanking a 10 stitch cable/border. I’m going to pick-up the neck (using the cast-on as a decorative element) for ribbing with short rows to raise up the back neck. Considering a folded placket. Maybe some pockets?

I don’t really love the yarn. Specifically the tweedy bits. They don’t seem spun well enough into the yarn and are sticking out and being ugly. Some of the tweed nups look like pills, it is likely that if I ever go over the sweater with a sweater pill comb most of the nups will be swept away.

Really enjoying the make it up as I go joy of this deep stash sweater. Hopefully I’ll have a crochet project to share soon! I can’t figure out what I want on my hook!!


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