Fridays are for Finishing?

Enjoying the journey.

Except today.

I haven’t finished anything all week. I’ve started a couple projects. I’ve worked on a couple of standing projects. I overdyed some old stash yarn. I THOUGHT about frogging my old WIP, Paulie. I purchased some yarn. I’ve had a bunch of new project ideas that I’m excited to start.

I had some lofty goals for the year, to finish SOMETHING, ANYTHING, once a week. January isn’t even over and I “failed” this week. I create for enjoyment mostly, but there are times I want to see the tangible, usable efforts of my work. I get chronic start-itis and the WIPs pile up.

Progress. And yes, my bamboo needle is BENT

Even though I haven’t finished anything, I’ve been making progress on a new design prototype. Last night, I wanted to see if I could translate the idea into crochet, I CAN.

My idea works! The yarn, not so much. At all.

I would be more excited about the crochet mitered square translation project if I didn’t dislike the yarn SO MUCH. It was a gift. Its ugly. And not in a cute ironic way. I’ve tried making sock out of it but it was just too horriffic.

I couldn’t even finish it.

In my obsessive creative flurry, I over dyed some yarn I previously dyed. About 6 years ago, I dyed a bunch of yarn a lightish green color. I used a handful of skeins in a sweater, but three that were particularly bright didn’t make the cut. They were stashed in a bin in the basement closet, away from all my other stash for years. When I was thinking about ideas to start in the coming months, my mind kept coming back to this yarn. Its soft, plump, has excellent stitch definition, and doesn’t pill too badly with lots of wear. This is the year of the destash. The previous color wasn’t going to work. Part of the design process is to use colors that photograph well and that other people will find attractive. Who wants to spend time and money creating a project from an unattractive template? I had initially planned on on overdying the yarn blue. I love blues. But I had a barely used bottle of Emerald Green.

The green is a little outside my wheelhouse, but I think it will work spectacularly.

Lastly, my Paulie. I’m having second thoughts about frogging it. I like the colors. My concerns about it not fitting may be unfounded. There is enough width in the body, even with out the button bands. My main concern, the underarm length may be scant, but I think the waste yarn holding my stitches is more the issue than the opening itself. I’m pretty sure I have enough yarn to finish with abbreviated sleeves (short? half??). Indecision is the WORST.

My long languishing Paulie.

I hope by next Friday I will have finished something. And will be able to share a victory!


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