Furls Streamline Swirl Hook Review

Disclaimer: All links unaffiliated. No compensation or product was provided for this review; opinions are my own.

Back in February I purchased 3 Furls Hooks. The Streamline Wood, the Streamline Swirl, and the Odyssey. I reviewed the wood hook here. By and large, the I (5.5 mm) hook is my favorite size. I own half a dozen hooks in this size, most of them the Clover Soft Touch Hook. I had heard so much positive buzz around the Furls Hooks. My love of crafting tools compelled me to purchase a higher price point product. Here’s what I think:


I love this hook.


The Streamline Swirl is a resin hook. The website is correct, it has minimal grab and is somewhat heavier than the wood hook and heavier than my Clover hook . It is longer than the hooks of most other manufacturers. As a woman with larger hands, this is great for me; I don’t get stabbed in the palm while crocheting. Because of the bulb shaped handle, there was a short period of adjusting to a new grip. My “new” grip seems to be more relaxed, since I don’t need to hold the hook in my hand: it rests in the hand as you work. Even with the relaxed grip, my gauge/tension remains the same.

A close-up of the asymmetry of my hook’s nose.

I’m not thrilled about the asymmetric nose of my hook. Comparing it to my other Furls hooks, I believe its a small defect. Because of the super shallow left side, I need a different hook to effectively work magic ring with slippery yarns. Other than the occasional dropped loop when doing clusters/bobbles, it doesn’t effect the usability of the hook. The yarn glides right off the hook. No hitching, no catching, all speed.

Bobbles away!!

Take Away:

This is honestly my new favorite hook, defect and all. I plan on adding the J and P sizes to my collection next. There are a few other color combinations available; partially to differentiate the J from the I, as they are similar in size. If you are on the fence about spending over $20 on a hook: consider your hand health. If you experience hand/wrist/elbow discomfort after crocheting perhaps an ergonomic hook would alleviate this pain (along with hand/arm/shoulder stretches and appropriate breaks).

Have you tried the Furls Hooks? What is your favorite hook brand and size?


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