Furls Streamline Wood Hook Meets the Easiest Hat Ever

I’ve been hearing the hype around the Furls hooks for a while. To be honest, I have enough redundant hooks and spending money on hooks I already own seems a bit wasteful. I have a ton of the Clover soft touch ergonomic hooks in the sizes I use most, and they work just fine for me. I recommend them to new students who have an issue with the traditional handled hooks. I’ve been using them for years, and I really like them and have never had a complaint. Except that they didn’t come in sizes larger than J.

The Streamline in Camwood

BUUUUUUT they were running a sale. ANNNND I was in the mood to “treat yo self”!! SOOO I’m the proud owner of 3 new hooks in 3 different sizes and 3 different materials. I purchased a Streamline Wood (K), a Streamline Swirl Galaxy (I), and an Odessey (H). I’ve only worked with the wood on one project, (the others I’ve chained but nothing else) which is the one I will be discussing today.
Side note: SHIPPING WAS CRAZY FAST. I ordered my hooks on Monday, had them shipped via USPS (free with US orders over $49), they were on my doorstep FRIDAY. Of the same week. From literally across the country (Cali to Maryland). The order was fulfilled the same day.

What I love about the Streamline Wood

This hook is CRAZY LIGHT. It didn’t fatigue my hand after working with it for a few hours. The ergonomic bulb shape of the grip forced me to grip the hook a little different, but not in any way unpleasant. I like the grove depth, not too deep, not too shallow. I have larger hands, so the long length of the hook was really nice. Some hooks on the shortest end of the spectrum dig into the palm of my hand. The light Camwood was nice for working with a darker yarn in low light.

What I don’t love about the Streamline Wood

While this hook has significantly less drag than the plastic hook of the Clover Ergonomic, I found the drag to be quite noticeable. It isn’t ideal for working with a rustic spun yarn like Noro’s Silk Garden, and working with the yarn held double didn’t help. I found the combination of the yarn and hook to work REALLY slow. I usually use smoother yarns to crochet with, so I don’t anticipate this being a sticking point in the future. This hook also makes a bit of noise when working. Like a slight rasp; my Susan Bates Acrylic Crystalites set makes the same noise. Perhaps with use the noise will abate.

Overall thoughts regarding the Furls Streamline Wood Hook

I enjoy working with it. The lack of fatigue was pleasant. I don’t frequently work with size K/6.5mm hooks. Regardless of my perceived speed while using it, this is not a deal breaker. The context in which I crochet is not a race. I’m not a production crocheter. I worked a swatch with a smoother yarn (Knot House Yarns Lickety Split) and my speed was much improved. I usually work with smooth yarns, and the pairing of the smooth yarn and the Furls Streamline Wood Hook should be great.

The Easiest Hat Ever

I needed a project to test out my new hook, enter the Easiest Hat Ever. Its a crochet flat hat worked in bulky yarn with a K hook utilizing a combination of Single Crochet through the back loop and Slip Stitches through the back loop. Lots of sizes. Free pattern option on the website. Pretty straightforward. Pattern claims to finish in 1.5 hours.

The Easiest Hat Ever before seaming

I used Noro’s Silk Garden held double. I had a full ball and a couple of partial balls remaining from a previous project; I christened my project Leftovers: Reheated. I used what amounted to 2.5 skeins. I made the adult size. I didn’t bother with gauge. The fabric produced with my yarn of choice is rather dense. The single ply with the high silk content is not particularly stretchy OR slouchy. Knowing this I worked until I it fit around my head: 29 ridges. Even with the extra width, this took me about 4 distracted hours to construct. After completion, I decided I needed a pom-pom. It sticks straight up in the air and I feel that looks a bit silly. Yet pom-poms are not silly?? Besides, I’ve NEVER been one to shy away from something simply because it looked preposterous.

My New Crochet Hat!

Thoughts on the Easiest Hat Ever

I will make this again. But in a smooth, single color yarn with my new Furls Streamline Camwood Hook! My 4 year old son has requested one in grey. Which I’m all but CERTAIN he will not wear once completed (but imma make it anyway). Regardless of whether the hat takes 1.5 hours or 4 hours, it is an easy project that does not require much attention. A GREAT “mindless”, instant gratification project. Holding two worsted weight yarns together made it great for stash busting. Thanks, Make and Do Crew, for an easy to execute project!


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