Home Stretch!!!

Say Yes to Pie.

You guys! I’m SOOO jazzed right now, I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to share my excitement. My “experimental” “Say Yes to Pie” socks are entering the final stage!I added the heel row on the second sock. Only 31 rows to go until I can start the (new-to-me) HEEL!! I’ve opted to complete both heels at the same time.

My boss new yarn bowl from Furls.
My scrappy crochet pillow cover, before sewing. 18×37

Other project updates: I finished the crochet portion of the 18×18 pillow cover, and have sewn up 3/4. Will finish tomorrow. I’m considering attaching some fanciness. Stay tuned. I ordered more yarn for the Ranclaw Blanket (Disclaimer, this link is an affiliate marketing link). 3 skeins won’t be enough, but 5 will! I’ve been making some progress on it the last couple days; when I really buckle down, it goes really fast (the yarn and the completion of rows). I’ve lost some steam on the other set of blankets I’m making. I’m not in love with the stitches I’ve chose. Lucky for me, I’m the artist and I can rip it all out and make it BETTER!

Ranclaw Baby Blanket

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