Spring Sprang Sprung

FINALLY! I published this design. After months agonizing that the formatting and photos were JUST RIGHT, I said “Its time”. Even if the photos aren’t perfect.

My entryway: Dressed for Spring

About the Design

This year has been dedicated to mindful stash reduction. I have a modest stash, but it overflows the space I have allocated for it. Being an adult, I COULD just allocate more space and let my yarn take over the house like Kudzu. However, my goal for the next decade is to become more minimal in my consumption and accumulation. Its a difficult habit to break.

Part of stash reduction is actually WORKING FROM MY STASH. All of yarns I knit this pattern with were acquired BEFORE 2012. I did a few swatches to find good combinations. I loved the subtle stripes of my large cowl: I started the pattern design back in January. The combination reminded me of the first blooms of spring: something to keep us hopeful through dreary, grey, winter days. The two yarns were perfect together, it was almost as if the yarns were made for each other. As I worked through this first cowl, I thought about how amazing it would look with high contrast. Once I finished the first, the second was cast-on soon after.

The mitered squares are a simple way to take simple stripes and garter to the next level. The construction is simple enough to work through without much thought. Perfect for remote meetings, homeschooling your kids, or binge watching you newest series obsession.

There is an optional border: feel free to omit. My large sample has a border, the small version does not. Both are equally wonderful. Although not included, an i-cord border would look really nice too.

Yarns: suggestions

Any fingering weight soft enough to wear next to your face is suitable. Both of my samples are two color, but a single color (fewer ends to weave in!!) or a multitude of colors would also be beautiful. You are only limited by your imagination (or your stash if working from yarns on hand)! Non-wool fibers could be equally suited for this project. I have not knit this in cotton, linen, silk, or acrylic; I suspect they would produce a different look and feel. I would love to see how other fibers work up!

Some inspiration for you!


Its free on Ravelry from April 14, 2020-May 31, 2020 with the code SPRANG
Get it HERE!
Then share your progress on Instagram using the #springsprangsprung tag. I can’t wait to see what kind of beauties you knit up.


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