Crossing the Finish Line

No make-up selfies are my jam recently….

FINALLY, PlumBody to Love is off the needles! Firstly, its impossible to take a good picture of a sweater on yourself to showcase the best attributes. Secondly, it fits about how I expected, although the acrylic yarn is a bit stiff still (still need to wash it up). Thirdly, its SEAMLESS!!! I succeeded in my vision and the fun process of grading starts!

Cropped. Knit. PURPLE. DONE!!!!

My Evan Scarf cable wasn’t created with any special software, the cables were just lines in Excel. I recently downloaded the StitchMastery cable fonts so I can “easily” create my cables for the Unassuming Hat release (6/10/20). I REALLY want to include a chart. Because a cable with more than 2 cables rows NEEDS a chart, just in case there is an error in the text (even a free pattern). I tried working on it earlier this afternoon, but I couldn’t get it. But typing up my frustration in this blog I had an epiphany, MERGE the cells, THEN paste the symbols. Learning new things has been my favorite part of deciding to share my designs. Between blogging and designing, I’ve been better at finishing up projects than ever before!

I’ve also been roaring through a C2C crochet blanket. I started it less than a week ago, and its already half done. Woot! I can’t wait to share it. Its nothing special, so I don’t think publishing a pattern for it is necessary.

Attempting a rectangular C2C as opposed to a square.

What kind of amazing projects are you working on?


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