No Raygrats

OK, maybe one regret.

I stayed up WAYYYYY too late last night. I HAD TO FINISH my giant Randclaw Blanket. I was so close, that I just wanted to have it done. Yeah, I wove in the ends and sewed them down to secure them. Me from last night had no respect for me of this morning. See our kids are completely incapable of “sleeping in”. I’m not talking about a 10 am wake up, no. My kids are completely INCAPABLE (seemingly) of sleeping until 7 am- ANY DAY OF THE WEEK (and the later they stay up the earlier they wake up). I’m tired today. Not exhausted, but impatient and easily annoyed.

Batman and LOL doll for scale.

There are too many toys on the living room floor for me to spread out this monstrously huge blanket to measure it properly. Its so fluffy that it doesn’t fold neatly. When I hung if over the banister in the world’s tiniest “foyer”, it cascaded down the handrail. It weighs about 5.5 pounds (2-ishKG). My best guess, using myself as the measuring tool, that its 67″ by 63″ (not having done the conversion I’m guessing its 1.8 x 1.7 m give or take .25 m).

The Blanket

This blanket is a variation of my Randclaw Blanket, a rather giant version of it. I chained 100 stitches, then followed the pattern from there. I used 7 total balls (1540 yards) of Bernat Blanket Yarn. 5 of the Baby Blanket Stripes in Mulberry Bush (discontinued) and 2 in Vintage White. I brought out my trusty P/10mm Furls Streamline Hook for the job.

Furls Crochet Hook Virgo Streamline Swirl Hook in P/10mm

This stitch made a super dense, highly textured, snuggly warm blanket. It would look equally great in a solid, short repeat varigated, or striped yarn. You could substitute the Bernat Blanket for Lion Brand I Wanna Make a Blankie, you would need to purchase 4 balls. A “t-shirt” tape yarn of the same weight and equal yardage could also look good, but it will be REALLY heavy!

How to Modify for Different Dimensions

The chain can be any even number. Easy, right?? Now you know the secret to modifying the Randclaw Blanket.

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