Granny Square Day 2020

I love granny squares. Honestly, I find them easier to work than a back and forth crochet project. My crafty and artsy girlfriends have always been my most important influences! Keeping true to their muse status, its exactly how I was inspired to try granny squares for the first time way back in the aughts.

One of my earliest finished/photographed Granny Square Blankets (circa 2008)

Beside the modular nature of the granny square, I love how quick they work up. I also love that most often, stitch placement is pretty intuitive. This may play into how fast they work up. I don’t usually branch out from the basic granny. Although there are always exceptions. About 8 years ago, I made a few “Squaring the Big Circle” wedding blankets for friends. I also have a hibernating granny hexagon blanket, Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt that I started back in 2019.

Promise, they are actual squares!

Recently, I’ve been getting the wild hair (hare??) to live dangerously and create my own square. I have 4 skeins of each navy and mustard, and 2 of the white. I usually join as I go (laziness), but I plan on sewing these in strips of 5 and then sewing the strips together to complete before adding an undefined as of yet border. I think I’m going to call this blanket the “Sunspot Blanket”.

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