Scrap Development

I have this hoarder tendency when it comes it scrap yarn. Not reasonable amounts, little bits that are 3-4 yards (meters). I have weird guilt about chucking it into the trash. I frequently use these little bit to hold sleeve stitches when dividing the sleeves and body in top down projects. Useful, yes. But still chucked into the trash when I’m done.

Bits of colorful pretties!

Inspiration struck me the other day regarding my bits of sock yarn! With about 10 feet (3m), I can make these 2-row granny triangles!

Itsy bitsy Granny triangles!!!

Over the next day or two, I’ll be finishing my project and will share it with you. Its fully of whimsy and is a great way to re-purpose/up-cycle some thing you may have laying around the craft stash.

I’m also considering designing a “fade-style” fingerless mitts or full-on mittens for some of my larger lengths. Still haven’t decided if I want to knit or crochet them yet.

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