Year Of Projects: Week 2

More excitement than you can shake a stick at!

It’s been a bit busy around here. Both kids are going back to school, virtually, this week. There is a lot of prep, but luckily, few shopping trips. Early elementary requires few supplies we didn’t already have. I haven’t written a blog post since last week, which was not part of my initial plan!

Helping hands!

This week was a lot of sewing! 64 masks, in 5 sizes, are washed, pressed, and individually bagged for two schools. One to my kids’ school, the other to the HS at the end of my street. My daughter was a huge help in threading the ear elastics on the shaped masks. It was fun to have her help with a community service project. This crosses off 2 items on my YOP list.

Altruism aside, making this many masks made a substantial dent in my fabric stash! Some of my uglier fabrics were PERFECT for the inner 3rd layer. I have enough “fun” fabrics to make a couple dozen masks to send to a friend who works at a preschool. But for now, I need a couple days/weeks to NOT make a mask.

From earlier this week, a cotton blend sweater for my daughter.

I worked on two recent WIPS, the HPW Stripe Sweater and my Sunspot blanket. I’m on the ribbing of the first sweater sleeve. I had my daughter try it on this morning, it fits with plenty of ease! Based on her past growth trajectories, she should be able to wear this for 2-3 years. I only have enough yarn for half sleeves. Upon completion, this will remove 4 balls for my Stashdown goal.

I don’t have any new photos of Sunspot, but I have another row ready to be whipstitched together! Progress! I like the squares, but I don’t think it’ll become a pattern. At least not in this iteration. I have some ideas to tweak it, which may lead to a pattern.

Old progress of Sunspots.

See you all next week for a YOP update! Or sooner if you can’t wait to hear about my other projects.


14 responses to “Year Of Projects: Week 2”

  1. That is a lot of masks. Nice way to get fabric moved out of the house. Good luck with virtual school. We have had virtual for two weeks and they will be going into the classroom starting in 2 weeks .

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    • Our district has committed to virtual learning through the first semester. There is A LOT of face-to-face time that the students get with their teacher, which I appreciate.
      Some of that fabric had been following me around since the early aughts, I feel liberated from it! For a person who doesn’t really sew very often, I have a ridiculous amount of fabric.


  2. How generous of you to make so many masks for others. I’m trying to drum up the motivation to make a few more for the upcoming months that will probably see us busier and in need of more. Your Sunspot is a gorgeous square! Looking forward to watching your blanket of Sunspots grow! 🙂


    • Thank you for your kind words! My Sunspot is approaching 75% completion- I’ve been on a project monogamy kick lately with knit and crochet, so its realistic that I will finish it by the end of the month.


  3. Good for you on making so many masks. I have been making the trifold ones for my church to give away but have made the shaped ones for my family. My family ones are only 2 layers but since I still can’t blow out a candle 1″ from my mouth, I think they are ok. Congrats on your knitting as well.


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