Start. Finish. Repeat

Its already Thursday evening. I’m not entirely certain exactly how that happened. I mean, the sun has rose and set in predictable cycles, I’ve just lost track of updating before today.

The lighting is rubbish, but here are the two cowls, together.

I started and finished another emPower Cowl this week, started on Monday (Sunday??) and finished it on Wednesday mid-day. It worked up super fast, because its crochet! This time the yarn was a variegated purple/mauve/gray sparkle acrylic that was given to me at Xmas 2018 by my mom. I lost the ball band, so I don’t remember the brand. Caron, Bernat, Red Heart? I wasn’t able to find it this morning while doing a quick Ravelry yarn database search. As I was finishing the cowl, my daughter sidled over all sneaky and asked who the cowl was for. It was obvious she was eyeing it for herself, because she’s 6 and LOVES glittery stuff. Honestly, I just worked it in that yarn to get the yarn out of stash. I don’t think it was something my friends would wear in public, on purpose. So I pretended that it was a difficult decision, letting HER have the cowl. Now her and I have matchy-matchish purple cowls!

Some construction details: the yarn is a light worsted, I used an H/5mm hook. Followed the pattern for the increases. Worked to 43 stitches across, then 10-12 rows with no increases (forgot to count). I had 12″ of yarn left; whipstitched hers together- worked out MUCH better!

Another bad photo. I’m 2/2 today!

I finished up weaving in all the ends for the Sunspots Blanket on Tuesday. HDC border with crab stitch edging. I’ll talk more about it on the Sunday YOP blog.

Humble beginnings. See my “center”? Top right.

I started a NEW crochet blanket today. I’m calling it Justine, after a friend who inspired the color choices. Actually, I saw the yarn, Lion Brand Cupcake in Tutu Much, and I said to myself, those colors remind me of Justine. I didn’t have a pattern in mind. I purchased all they had on the first day, 6 skeins. Then ordered 3 more skeins a couple months later. I’m holding the yarn double and using my furls Camwood K/6.5mm hook to work a granny square style blanket. But to keep it interesting, I’m working the granny skewed and almost like a log cabin style. Maybe.

Right before I backed that thing up, flipped it and reversed it.

It has an error toward the beginning that I didn’t notice until multiple rows later that I am choosing to ignore and keep going. Its a gift that I know will be used, to someone who isn’t going to judge me for making a tiny error. It will still be warm and squishy and made with love. Don’t worry, you’ll see more of this blanket in the coming week(s)!

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