Me. I’m the boring one. This blanket I’m working on? She’s pretty and exciting.

Object is more square than it appears in this photo.

Project monogamy makes for boring updates. How many times a week can I really show you the same blanket? This was taken yesterday, just after adding the second set of balls. I haven’t had the time to work on “Justine” much today. This morning I did Body Combat (the cool weather means I can LEVEL up my punches and kicks without passing out), took a trip to the Farmer’s Market for meat (no shower, ew), then an afternoon that included lunch, a shower, sewing, and playing Barbies. Once the kids are in bed and the spouse and I are free to watch grown-up TV shows, I’ll break out my project and hook for a couple hours.

I’m liking the “Log Cabin” style vibe this blanket is throwing me. I wasn’t really sure the direction I was going to take with this yarn when I started. I’ve switched up the direction once again. I’ll update you with a picture again soon!

Funny story about the yarn. I have 9 cakes of this Lion Brand Cupcake yarn in Tutu Much. I didn’t buy them all at once. I got the first 6 (all they had in the store on sale), then a couple months later I ordered 3 additional cakes (why not 4? I can’t remember) from online (fulfilled from a warehouse, not the same store). Party people. THE DYE LOTS MATCH. I can barely get matching dye lots when I purchase all my yarn at the same time. If anyone cares about this kind of occurrence, its you.


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