Year of Projects: Week 4

In the past 4 weeks, I have crossed off 7 items off my YOP list. I have finished many other non-list projects as well.

Amusing non-YOP item first. My spouse has lamented that his masks are not the best when he actually has to talk to other people while wearing them. Like they are too short. He does have kinda a longish face. So this morning, I whipped up a boring mask in a bigger size. The pattern is a bit boxy. And HUGE. Yeah, I made the XL size, but I wasn’t expecting it to be so comically large. Below are some pictures of me modeling it. I’m a rather large woman to begin with. Please take this opportunity to laugh WITH me. Its entirely too large for the spouse as well. He was not interested in being photographed.

In light of this sew-fail, I had a pile of sew WINS. I made 4 pillow cases for my daughter, as opposed to the 2 on my list. I finished the quilt last week. My son will be getting a new quilt soon-ish, don’t worry he won’t be left out!

I started the quilt back in 2017 or 2018, I wanted to make a quilt for my daughter when she transitioned from a toddler bed into a twin bed. Well…… I made most of the top and then lost steam. Its what I do. I think it turned out pretty good. I had a couple pieces of fabric leftover to make the edges of a couple of pillow cases, the front of the one that echos the quilt. I wanted to make a decorative sham style one, but wanted it to be reversible. I had a 20″ zipper hanging out in my sewing accessories drawer that was perfect for the pillow. I backed it with some unicorn pegasus fabric I picked up to make more PJ pants out of, since my kids have both grown 6 inches taller since I last made them PJ pants. Soooo coordinated.

I used the Mister Domestic tutorial to make the regular pillow cases. He’s so enthuastic about fabric and sewing and creating. Be like Mister Domestic, Don’t downplay how much you are enjoying yourself!

I’m toying with the idea of marrying my handspun rib cowl and my chaos cables cowl. Working the 2×2 rib is a bit tedious over 300 stitches. I might get half through the handspun and measure, if its not deep enough, I’ll splice in the green cables section in an 8 instead of the size 6 ribbing. FUN!!! A 1000 yard cowl. I have sweaters using less yardage.

I also finished my Sunspots blanket, the edging complete, ALL the ends wove in. NO recipient planned. Into the gift/donation pile I guess. No good pictures. Just these from the other day.

Sunspot Blanket: Corner.

Plans for the week: Keep plugging away on the Justine blanket (not a YOP project), some deep stash socks, my cowl, and more sewing projects. I really want to make some microwave potato bags, popcorn bag, and tortilla warmer. I think I have enough of the special batting to complete all of these projects. Goodness knows I have enough fabric!


12 responses to “Year of Projects: Week 4”

  1. That is one HUGE mask lol. Your sewing is so nice. So many people have made pillow cases. I never thought about making some. And if they match the quilt even better.

    Looks like you have discovered that your YOP list is more of a suggestion than a hard and fast rule. Your items being made that are not on your list are still projects being made.

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  2. You are flying along with your list+ (my list always grows in year). You have such colourful and cute prints in your stash and I really like the flamingo pillowcase. I am in awe of anyone who starts a quilt, never mind finishes one, it looks lovely, bright and colourful.

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  3. Wow! That mask is huge! I made on for my daughter that ended up fitting me. I am not a sewist, however I did follow the pattern and was glad to see others had the same sizing issue.

    Congrats on the finishes! They all look great.

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    • I would be lying of I said I wasn’t kinda being a smartass. He said he needed one that was a bit longer… so I used the biggest pattern I could find, and scaled it up 5%. I’ll going to rip the seems and make it smaller, and less boxy around the face.


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