Yesterday I got the itch to work on some small projects to corral masks for myself and the kids. Our entryway is SUPER tiny, so making the most of my space is important. Additionally, since my space is SOO tiny, keeping it organized is a must. Disorganization looks like a huge mess. I made three projects, 2 baskets and a little flat pocket.

I used the an L/8mm hook for each project, the grey and pink are Lion Brand Homespun (which I held double), the mustard is Lion Brand Thick ‘n’ Quick. I used white to stitch up the flat mask pockets, but using the same grey would have also worked adequately. I thought about sewing the flat pocket hanger, but when the kids are doing virtual school, I can’t be with them in the dining room running the machine.

I did have a fun sewing project from the other morning- a couple of mask holders. I do outdoor fitness classes a few (2-5) days a week and I need to wear my mask whenever I’m not actively engaged in class. But tossing it on the ground seems gross and counterintuitive to what my mask is for. So I played around with various ideas to make something to hold my mask. I wanted something simpler than a zipper or a drawstring, but something that was semi-closed so when in a purse it wouldn’t fall out or attract nastified bits of whatever.

For a first draft, I stitched one up with snaps- no pictures, its in my car holding onto my emergency mask already. Similar to the envelope, but a little bigger. This envelope style one is really close to what I envisioned. I did this without actually taking measurements, no surprises there. I’m a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants-no-patterns-here kind of crafter. Next time, I’ ll take some measurements so the mask fits flatter. I just wanted to see if my idea would work, and it totally did! It was also super easy to put together. You’ll likely see more of these in the future. I have a bunch of scraps that would be perfect for little mask pouches!

Now to my “real” projects. I added my last two skeins to my Justine Blanket, for a total of 8 skeins held double. I’m super excited to post about this!

Justine Blanket 3/4 complete.

I am also almost through my first ribbing for the Chaos Cables cowl! I’ve been working continental for my 2×2 rib. My purls were twisted, so I have just been working all my purls from back to front. I guess you could call it purling through the back loop? I usually knit English/throw, but for ribbing it gets tedious. I still cannot get my hands to commit to continental for long stretches of knit, but variety is the spice of life??

No objects for scale, current ribbed length is 5″. But still a lot of nothing really.

The slight thick and thin of the rustic handspun combined with the color changes seems to hide any of my twisted stitches and uneven tension pretty well. I’m usually really bad about hoarding my handspun instead of creating something beautiful with it. I have a bunch of handspun that I really want to turn into finished objects in the next couple years. Simply because I don’t want to look at my work hanked up indefinitely, I want to WEAR it and ENJOY the fruits of my labor.

I thought I had an idea about the cables for the green midsection, but now I’m second guessing my initial choice. I don’t want to add a bunch of stitches. 300 is enough! I could modify the panel width to be divisible into 300. Maybe the cables aren’t “chaotic” enough. They are slightly skew, but not really as irregular as I envisioned. I will need to review this before I boldly forge forward. I’m not second guessing my green, yet. I hope to have some pictures for my Sunday YOP update of this project.

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