Year of Projects: Week 9

Celebrating inconsequential personal victories

HAHA! I finally feel like I’m making headway again! Last week I finished up the knitting of TWO projects! Bringing the total of YOP Projects to 11. I’m over half way to my initial goal of 20. The Good Family Christmas Stockings are ready to be lined, as soon as I get out my sewing machine for the task. I also finished my Cute-Fight Sweater!

All in a row, atop the uncut lining fabric.

Over all, I’m rather pleased by this project. I am thrilled that I decided to do a different toe- these are the same depth and ley significantly flatter than the initial iteration. These were knit with Stylecraft Chunky on a size 10/6mm in Lipstick and White. Each stocking was less than 1 skein of red, and I used less than 2 skeins of white for the set. The letters were done in fair isle, with the exception of the “J”, which was done intarsia. The cuff section is tacked down to the body, I could be crazy and let the floats be unruly. I still captured the float after 7-8 stitches, I didn’t want the project to pucker if I hadn’t left enough yarn.

Cute-Fight Unblocked.

I still need to block my Cute-Fight (Colorways: But You Would Look So Cute and Fight from AT Haynes House Yarn). Its done. All the ends wove in. The arms are a bit snug to get on, but fine to wear. I hope this grows in body length when blocked. It took me almost a year to complete, “blame” DK weight. This sweater completes my goal of finishing 3 sweaters for me in 2020! YES!!

Chaos Cables: Small Cowl.

Having finished the stockings and my sweater, I decided to dive into a different version of Chaos Cables before doing a testing call. This version is in Malabrigo Rios and Knot House Yarns Worsted weight. I’m very excited by my progress thus far. It is working up WAY faster than the 300 stitch version.


Yesterday I went hiking with my daughter and some of my friends. A hike that was anticipated to be 2 miles turned into 6 miles. Needless to say, we were pretty worn out (and I was a bit dehydrated because I didn’t want to keep moving my mask to drink) yesterday evening. My daughter did phenomenal, I was really proud of her. Next time, I’ll look at the trail map and be certain there is an actual PLAN for the hike; 6 miles was too far for her. Unfortunately, turning back would have been EVEN LONGER than just pressing on. Lessons learned.

Until next week!!

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13 responses to “Year of Projects: Week 9”

  1. Those stockings are so precious!!! Your sweater is lovely and the cowl yarn is to die for!!! I’ll be ordering some Malibrigo Rios for sure. Cute picture of you and your daughter with all your handmade knits! Good for you both on your 6 mile hike. I can only make it around the block anymore and I used to walk at least 4 miles a day but not any more! Getting old is not for the faint of heart! Take care!

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  2. Love the stockings – and the sweater is great too. I love the masks you and your daughter are wearing and your handmade knits. 6miles – I can’t imagine these days – I walked for an hour earlier in the week and only managed 2.5 miles. I was exhausted!

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    • I’m always so excited about the prospect of getting to wear ALL THE KNITS together. It was much warmer in the afternoon, a chunky weight wool sweater may not have been my brightest idea. The ride home had me wishing I had brought another shirt- I was warm.


  3. The sweater looks great!! Good for you for getting them done. I know I’m so close on mine. Your daughter does indeed look too young for a 6 mile hike. What a trooper! I would not want to do 6 mile walk on flat ground much less a hike. 🙂

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    • Over the summer I kept our hikes less than 4 miles- a completely reasonable distance for my kids. She astonishes me with her ability to persevere, I’m pretty sure the granola bars are the real MVP. I was also over it by the end, and I LOVE to hike.


  4. Those stocking are very cute. The sweater is pretty and that color is so eye catching. Your cowl is also great. Love the jewel tones in it. Six miles is quite a hike when you were expecting 2. I am lucky to do 1/2 mole at this point. The pandemic and 100 plus degree heat has made me a withering house plant when it comes to walk abouts.

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    • I would have packed more than 3 granola bars (that I let my daughter eat all of) and would have eaten more than a small bowl of Trix for breakfast had I know!!

      Jewel tones are MY JAM!! I hope they will be eye-catching when I put out the pattern!


  5. Sounding like a recording here, but those socks are adorable! I hope you’ll show us a pic of the attached lining – maybe I’m weird, but details like that make me happy. 🙂 Cute picture of you and your daughter. What a trooper.

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