More Chaos (Cables)

No make-up selfie.

After finishing up 2 projects (totaling 5 items) last week I did the obvious, I started another. Honestly there are about 10 projects I wanted to start but I exercised some restraint instead. This is the small version of the Chaos Cables pattern I’m designing. I wanted to get at least 2 of the anticipated 3 sizes knit myself before I set it lose for testing. Primarily because I used a handspun (with very little “bounce”) and an Aran weight in the original; this version uses commercially spun worsted weight yarns. The second edition yarns are producing a much different gauge Between the worsted and the aran is is obvious. My handspun is the big outlier- the twist of my singles is a high giving the yarn a lower loft.

This version is going SO MUCH FASTER. Its like 144 stitches is LESS than 300 or something !! I was so excited about how this cowl was working up, that I simply COULD NOT WAIT to pop it on!!! And, obviously, its awesome. I anticipate having this working up in less than a week and a half. Mostly because I have a bunch of sewing I need to work on that will require some reallocation of my time.

The original. Handspun (worsted-ish) and a self-dyed Aran weight.

Both yarns were purchased at my LYS, the Knot House (Their on-line store is AWESOME). The rib is Malabrigo Rios in Aniversario. The body is Knot House Yarns in Hot Pants. I’m going to tell you now, both yarns are a dream to work with. As you can see, I am sticking with my variegated ribbing and semi-solid cable section for this version as well. I think an all-over variegated would get lost in the cables.

The all-over cabling is easier than it looks- promise. As soon as I’m done with the knitting, I’ll be ready for pattern testers! Any early takers?


4 responses to “More Chaos (Cables)”

    • Thank you!
      Being a knitter (or a crocheter) in warmer climes must be difficult!
      My parents winter in central Fl, and to hear my mom talk you would think it is like the arctic tundra on the chilliest days!


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