Year of Projects: Week 11

Does working on a second item of the same pattern count as progress?

This week felt like I got no crafting done. I barely made a dent in my new round of masks. There was only chaos (cables) on the needles. The pattern is approaching testing stage (I need to add the simple chart)!

I take the WORST mirror pictures. Blocked Chaos Cables

With Halloween events, my littlest’s Birthday, and my parents coming up for 24 hours, I barely had the time to craft. I washed and blocked some knitting, including my Chaos Cables cowl. I love the drape of the superwash! I didn’t aggressively block, but it still grew as expected. I’m going to keep the mini version I made for my daughter (elementary school aged) unblocked, the closer fit works better for her.

The blocked original, the in-progress mini.

I wasn’t able to complete the “October Minimalist Challenge” until today. My spouse helped out by letting me count a pair of his shoes he was getting rid of. SO SUPPORTIVE of him! I will attempt this challenge again, when the kids are back in the buildings for school. With them being around ALL the time, its difficult for me to be able to rip areas apart to sort without inquisitive little faces. I’m sure I will have amassed more stuff by then…. I have entire areas that I didn’t even tackle! If my quick math was correct, I am down 496 items from the house. I can’t REALLY tell. I think this means I have too much stuff crammed into all the nooks and crannies.

While I catch up on my design projects and their pattern writing, I’m going to start working another sweater. Not for release, just for fun (or a one size release so I don’t have to math). I hope to have new excitement to report on next week!!

It was wet and chilly enough for me to wear my Cute-Fight sweater today!!


8 responses to “Year of Projects: Week 11”

  1. Too funny. I think your sweater is the exact shade of the sweater I finished and posted this week!! We have great taste. I like that “tweedy” looking yarn for a sweater. Mine was fingering so that I might(?) get a wear or two in South Florida this winter?? Your cowl looks great and your daughter will love having a matching one. Thanks for sharing your minimalist challenge journal. I love the idea of each day adding one more.

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    • The sweater in the pictures I knit back in 2003 or 2004 with Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky! The pattern was from KnitScene (I think). Its a good outerwear sweater (as long as its not too windy). If its a windy “winter” day at the beach, your sweater may be a very welcome addition! My mom spends her winters in Central Fl, and is always kvetching about how cold she is!!

      I also enjoyed the challenge, I adhered to the whole process loosely, getting rid of extra some days, and other days just not getting to it. Being able to get rid of “stuff” felt liberating!


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