Project Notes: Kyyyyyle

I’ve been doing some guerilla gifting to my friends this year. Not out of anything except I want to make stuff, and I don’t have the space for said stuff. SOOOO I guess you could say I’m pawning off my finished objects on unsuspecting friends and using the USPS as an accessory to my shenanigans. Kyyyyyle also brings a crochet project to the hook again. I had a little pause in my cro-jo, but it seems to be back again!

I think I started back on Friday the 13th. I wanted something simple, but not another basic granny square. I saw a C2C worked in this yarn and it looked unflattering. The pattern is just me “winging” it. I’m sure there is an actual name for this square already, I KNOW I haven’t invented something new.

The “Pattern”: The center is magic ring with 12 SC around the loop followed by a round of 3DC CH3 into the 12SC. The rest is just a DC square with 2DC separated by a CH3 at the corners (7 rows of this, making a total of 8 rows with DC).
(My initial attempt was 3DC, CH2, 3DC at the corners but it was too many stitches and caused a ripple). I’ve finished 2 full rows (out of a projected 5).

The squares are joined with a slip stitch on the reverse side upon the completion of each square. It’s not perfectly square. I don’t mind. I’ll put a border around the whole thing to eradicate some of the inconsistent sides. It’ll still keep my friend cozied up in a hand crocheted hug from an old friend.

Back story: Kyle and I are friends through a mutual friend. We’ve known eachother since 2003/2004 or thereabouts. Kyyyyyle is an inside joke. Perhaps only myself and another friend (who is NOT Kyle) find it funny. I don’t see nearly enough of Kyle (and the rest of the members of our friend circle) since moving a few hours away back in 2009. I think of all of them often, even if I am rubbish about being in touch regularly.


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