2020: Wrap it up, B.

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It was exactly 1 year ago when I decided to jump headlong into blogging and pattern writing. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISCELLANEOUS DESIGN STUDIO!!! 2020 was quite the year! I released 14 patterns, wrote 120 blog posts (this post is # 121 if the blog, BTW), and finished over 60 projects (a few of them never logged into Ravelry). This has been my most focused and productive year of crafting, hands down. Thanks, Covid??

I started the year with GOALS, and worked toward many of those goals. I participated in a couple of challenges with my Ravelry groups, which REALLY helped me. I plan on participating in similar challenges for 2021!!

Sigma20: This is part of the Stash Knit Down group on Ravelry.

Not bad!!

I’ve already made my Sigma 21 goals!! Some of them are low bar/easy, because I am counting baby sweaters in the Sweaters count (and my bestie is expecting a baby). Some of the goals are not crafting related: I do want to shed the weight I’ve gained this year…. it was rather substantial. BUT it’s paired with a crafting goal: 3 months of NO YARN BUYING. I’m going to try to Cold Sheep, just a little.


I’m also doing A Year of Projects (Ravelry group link), and have been making weekly updates (Sundays) since August! This list is a bit different than my others, with some crossover. I’m kicking butt on this list, and will need to do a mid-year revamp when I have completed the first 20 project items on the list; I’m currently at 15.

This list is SO MESSY now…. I feel compelled to re-write it and make it neat.

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday, Miscellaneous Design Studio!!

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