Goals and Intentions- January 2021 (and beyond)

Guerilla Gifting.

A friend surprised ME with a handmade gift! I feel the LOVE every time I look see it.

Last spring, I started randomly sending my friends makes. It made me feel good, and I got to create without the guilt of hoarding finished objects. AND since they were surprise, just because I love you, gifts there were NO timelines, no strings attached. Let’s be honest, how many hats do you ACTUALLY wear? Scarves? BLANKETS???? How many do you have? Exactly. I’ll never stop creating, but I don’t really NEED more items. 2021, I intend on continuing this. The small cost associated with shipping is worth surprise gifting (with no expectation of any return)! I show my love and affection by making things. Seriously, if I *REALLY* love you, I’ll make you something. Cookies, a cake, a knit or crochet item, a sewn something. It makes me sad that my fingers aren’t more fleet!

My newest art acquisition. Artist: Avery Ann

Support Art. Support Artists.

I had always operated on the assumption of original art as something that was for VERY wealthy people. Not true! You can support local and independent artists directly! It was way more affordable than I thought. In 2020, I added 3 pieces of art, purchased directly from the artists, to my home. I plan on adding more in 2021. Every piece brings me joy. I have have some large generic thrift store prints that I want to replace over the next couple years; I’m thinking some gallery style installations!

That’s my face!

Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize. Oh, Sunblock too.

I’m almost 40. My skin is pretty alright. No deep wrinkles (yet). I don’t really use filters for my photographs, and then it’s usually to adjust colors to reflect reality. I usually remember to moisturize my face, this year’s goal moisturize my face twice a day and body once a day. I really need to get better at using sunblock EVERY DAY too, particularly when I’m doing a lot of outdoor workouts!! I’m not always wearing make-up (my favorite foundation has SPF), so it’s important that I remember; my sunspots are getting rather widespread.

A Month of Handmade

I see everyone doing photo challenges for the new year. The theme of mine is “A Month of Handmade”. Everyday in January, I’m going to be posting what I’m wearing to Instagram (CinnaofDoom). I’ll include patterns and yarns when I have that information. Some of these items are pre-Ravelry (gasp!! There was a time?!?!?!) and I’ve literally no record. I’m going to hashtag it #YarniaPix2021, feel free to join me!

Magic Sea Captain Watch Cap

New Pattern Releases!!

I know, this was also my goal of 2020, and I DID release 14 patterns. I have 6 in various states of readiness for 2021 already! Boom! Also, good pictures are hard.

What are your goals and intentions for 2021??


6 responses to “Goals and Intentions- January 2021 (and beyond)”

  1. Sounds like a great selection of goals and intentions. (Don’t forget to take Vitamin D supplements if you wear SPF every day.) I have an Instagram account that I am not publicising or hashtagging but using as a pictorial diary this year. My intention is to not feel guilty about how I spend my time and to do more weaving.

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    • Good recommendation about the vitamin D! I probably don’t get as much sun in the winter as I think I do (and less so with sun block).

      I hope you share your weaving on your blog! I love seeing people’s woven works.

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