Year Of Projects: Week 23

Feeling Unaccomplished.

Thing have been feeling chaotic at our house. Nothing has changed, except I’m feeling overwhelmed by the day to day stuff. This may be because we’ve been having a cold, dreary snap in the weather making it more difficult to WANT to be outside.

Texture Close-up! Before adding the giant pom-pom

I had hoped to have my Merry Unbirthday Hat released late last week, this however, was not to be. I have a few technique videos shot, and just need to post them to YouTube after a small edit to the longest one. I need to set-up my lightbox and take pictures of the 2 versions I have. I made a 3rd, for a friend’s November birthday. I’ve been trying to get this hat ready for release since AUGUST- the pattern has been written the whole time. Just needed pictures. I can ALMOST cross this off my YOP list!

But now, instead of talking about what I didn’t get accomplished, I will talk about something I DID accomplish. Its not a YOP project, but it IS a finishing WIN. I finished my daughter’s sweater dress! She wore it the other day and let me take a few pictures in front of a massive pile of Girl Scout cookies that need to be delivered. I have all the notes and will make it a free pattern on my site sometime this year (so to give me some time to actually do it). I will include notes for upsizing or downsizing, but I’m not REALLY that interested in grading it outside of the size I made.

The Sweater Dress.
(she asked me to crop out her face: Internet safety)

Now, I’m off to make some video edits and take a few pictures in my new lightbox. I REALLY want to get that pattern up so I can cross it off my to-do list!


10 responses to “Year Of Projects: Week 23”

  1. That dress is soooo cute!! How fun it must be to wear. I love the black edging. I do love your hat. I’ll look forward to the pattern being available. I bet my step-daughter would love one.


  2. Your daughter’s dress is so cute. And even though we can’t see her face, we can sure tell she’s happy with it. 🙂 Your Texture hat is beautiful!


  3. I’d have loved that dress as a kid, I used to love wearing a jumper dress with tights (pantyhose) and if I didn’t have all the lumps and bumps of lockdown weight (plus the pre-lockdown weight under that 😂) I would still wear them.

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    • I considered making an oversized sweater dress for myself. Then realized that would be significantly less flattering than a fitted one. I also don’t wear many dresses anymore; I need to crouch, climb, run, and move without worrying about flashing the world.

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    • It actually took less time than my adult sweaters! It was fun to do something new!!
      My daughter is about 4’3 and 50 some pounds! It was less than 1000 yards total on size 6 needles. I’m sure once she gets older and approaches adult size I will be somewhat less enthusiastic about big projects (she’ll just have to learn to knit)!


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