Year of Projects: Week 28

So close, yet so far away.

Goal share time: I can say with a fair amount of certainty, I didn’t buy yarn in February of 2021. I more than made up for it in January; I had an advent box to open for the first 2 weeks of February- but the yarn was PURCHASED in January! One of 3 months of cold sheep complete.

When actually flattened, its the same width at both sides.

I’m about to finish up my Right Round Scarf!! Its been 2 weeks of almost exclusive works. Size 3 needles and fingering weight yarn is still slow when its stockinette! I’m so pleased with the results!! Less than 50 rounds to go, a zillion ends to weave in (ok, about 100), and a kitchner bind-off! I want to finish it today, but it likely will be a March 1st finish- still ok with this!

I’m going to start the worsted version as soon as this is done. Its going to be PERFECT for FREEZING, WINDY winter days (spoiler: liner). This is also an informal testing call. SO… yeah.

There’s overlap in the back to “Protect Ya Neck”.

I have my Acute Shawl out to a few testers and I need to find the right (local) place for some pictures of the small mountain of shawls I’ve produced for this project! And create a chart, I think I’m going to draw the symbols over a close-up. This week I couldn’t shake the idea of using bulky weight for an Acute Cowl. Within an hour or so, I whipped up this darling in Lion Brand Thick and Quick with my trusty 10mm hook- I’ve added this option to the pattern. SOON I’ll be able to release the project!

Not flattering. BUT I can fit my WHOLE HAND in the front pockets. Impressive.

Other boring news, I got new retro Mom jeans and I’m wearing them unironically with Dr. Marten’s Chelsea boots. What have I become?!?!


12 responses to “Year of Projects: Week 28”

  1. Stunning scarf!! Yeah fingering makes for slow knitting, hence my move to counting stitches instead of projects. 🙂 With wintering in Florida and my knit worthy daughter living in South Carolina, my projects are mostly fingering.

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    • There are moments when I think knitting a whole fingering weight sweater would be less time consuming than this scarf! At least spring isn’t QUITE here and I’ll be able to wear it out a few times before putting scarves away until fall!

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  2. I think those boots are very cool. And they look comfortable – which at my age is much more important. lol I have to chuckle when younger women talk about “mom jeans”. About 10 years ago when “mom jeans” had become anathema to anyone who was trying to be stylish, I commented on a forum, “just watch… high waisted mom jeans are going to become the thing again”. No one wanted to believe it, but honestly… I found high waisted jeans much more comfortable than anything I’ve worn in the last 20 years – i.e. anything that sits below the waist. And on a gal with a waist, high waisted jeans are more flattering. What looks attractive, to some extent is in the eye of the beholder, but the eye readapts every 10 years or so as styles swing back and forth. Enjoy your new jeans and boots! 🙂

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    • I couldn’t abide the tapered leg/high waist look in the mid-90s and exclusively wore men’s jeans from about 1994-2003. Then I was team mid-rise until about last year. These fit alright, and my butt crack doesn’t ever hang out when I’m crouching or climbing or bent over!
      My podiatrist said I needed to start wearing shoes MOST of the time… so I figured I should treat myself.


  3. I didn’t weave in any ends on my Litmus which is the same sort of construction. I just tied knots multiple times and have left the ends inside. It would save you a lot of time! Enjoy the comfort of your new jeans and comfortable boots. I’m all about comfort and always have been.

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    • I so desperately wanted to just knot them and call it a day… but the color starts are offset from each other. Boooooo! It wasn’t so bad.
      My old boots were starting to get ratty looking, these have A LOT more structure to begin with. I just need to do the upkeep by polishing them occasionally! But they are the most expensive boots I’ve purchased in 15-20 years, so I might be inspired to take care of them.

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  4. Your scarf is wonderful. I actually like weaving in ends – put on a good netflix movie and weave away until done. Or back in the day when we could meet up with our knitting friends I would take those weaving in ends projects to my knit group and the conversation made the time and ends go by quickly. I love your boots! gorgeous. I live in my ‘mom’ jeans. High waisted and flattering, and yes I can put my hands in my pockets too!

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    • It took me less than an hour this morning to weave them in before I kitchnered the end closed.
      I’m spoiled, and wish the boots had a zipper, getting them on is a bit of a battle (I have a REALLY high instep), but once they are on, they are great! My jeans are from Old Navy, and they gap AWFULLY in the back! I think I’m going to sew a length of wide elastic to keep them up. Going down a size isn’t an option, I would never be able to get them up my thighs and over my butt!


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