Year of Projects: Week 32

Dreaming of Yesterday’s Sun

My brain. So I have 7 patterns in various states of written. A TON that I need to make a reality. I said to myself the other day, “Self, no new patterns until we get some releases out”. What does my brain do?? IT PRACTICALLY FORCES ME TO KNIT A NEW DESIGN. The nerve!! This time I wrote my notes into pattern within hours of actually doing them. I also want to make a “prettier” pair, the ones I knit are ugly.

Do you know how difficult it is to take a picture of the back of your heel while wearing a pair of socks?!?!?!?!?!?!

I did a Fleegle heel, which is WEIRD. But it works. I don’t want to talk about the yarn. The hand is nice. The colors are fine. The self patterning of the yarn, blech. I used all but a tiny 5g bit. WINNING. Stash-Busting, AND some socks. The yarn was a gift circa 2009/2010?

I’ve dubbed these the Fratelli Socks

I actually forgot!! I finished ANOTHER pair of socks this week. Some boring toe-up striped short-row socks. These I worked on in short intervals while my spouse read bedtime stories to the kids. I wrote a post about them mid-week.

GOODNESS me, I seem to have had a productive week craft-wise! Here I was, thinking my week was a bust.

This project is a surprise, so I can’t show the finished project: but I made THIS. I used size 5 with an aran held double and a size 8 with 2 strands of fun fur and one strand of the belly aran.

I somewhat regret not going and getting my longer DPNs for the project. I have a few pair of 6″ double points, and I dislike using them immensely. Mostly because I get stabbed in the palm, repeatedly. I know some people that LOVE the short length, but between my large hands and my hold, they don’t work for me. Lets talk about Fun Fur. I had a bunch in a “get rid of” bag buried in my stash. The project used a bit over half of 2 balls. I will make another similar/smaller to use the remainder. I guess all yarns do indeed have their place.

I use wool felted oven mitts in the kitchen. I have since I made this first one back in 2008. Then another one (it was blue), that I never logged into Ravelry so I have no idea what year I made it. After about a decade of use, the first wore out. I made a replacement last year (2 years ago), but it never quite was thick enough. I thought about sewing a heat-proof lining. Never did it. My blue felted mitt finally wore out; after burning myself I decided it was time to give it up. The only place that was worn out was the top. SOOOOOO I cut out pieces from the bottom and sewed it to the grip area of my not quite thick enough replacement (the pink/brown). Its not so thick that its dangerous, and the area that needs the most heat protection has it! I know exactly what I’m going to do when I make a 2nd felted oven mitt: use some other felted wool to line to grip area. Approximate time to cut and sew: less than an hour.

There you have it. A productive week of small projects. Adieu!!


8 responses to “Year of Projects: Week 32”

  1. Your oven glove reminds me of a muppet in one of the photos hehe! I feel sure I’d be doing muppet impressions and actions if I owned them. I have thought about felting an oven glove but I’ve thought about doing 50,000 things, there’s just not enough hours in the week. I admire your creativity in inventing all these patterns, can you maybe have a voice recorder whilst you are making them to record what you did and that may speed up the writing? Your red sock yarn is pretty.

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    • Not going to lie, when I was taking the pictures, I was putting on a puppet show in my head!! I also don’t have nearly enough hours in my life to get all my project ideas started/completed. I cast-on a new one last night. It’ll serve 3 purposes: bedtime project, useful kitchen tool, using 3 (or more) balls of old stash wool.

      My issue with pattern writing is wording things **EXACTLY** right. I’m an obnoxious perfectionist about text; to the point of inaction. My notes are fine for me to recreate the project. Conveying clearly my ideas to others is more challenging that the creative part.

      Thank you about the sock!

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