Soddy Seamstress Adventures: Placemats Part 2

Actual Sewing done today.

I didn’t get the project finished today (didn’t think I would). I took the kids on a playdate to an outdoor park/playground with a friend. We picked up sandwiches up and had a lunchtime picnic in the empty pavilion. It was a windy day. I got to run to intercept friend’s toddler from the parking lot and again trying to keep the paper plates from blowing away. I had my favorite sandwich ever: Tuna Salad. Honestly, any tuna salad sandwich is my favorite. Unless its a tuna melt (ew, warm mayonnaise). But I digress. I didn’t get to sew until mid-afternoon and worked for just over 2 hours.

Yesterday I managed to get all the pieces cut. Today, I put two fabrics together and sewed. I put the right sides together and used a 3/8ths-ish inch seam around most of the rectangle, I left an opening of 3-4 inches to turn the placemat right-side-out. I also cobbled together a couple additional placemats by piecing together some of yesterday’s remnants. I have 12 total placemats. After sewing all the pieces together, I ironed ALL of them nice and flat. I sewed a 1/4″ topstitch around each placemat. Tomorrow I’m going to “quilt” 2 more rectangles into each placemat to keep them laying flat. I free-handed one so far. The remaining 11 I am going to use disappearing ink to outline my “quilt” lines.

All of this is stash fabric, so they aren’t as well matched as I would have preferred. Regardless, I’m super excited to finish up the project tomorrow and use them at dinner!


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