Shoddy Seamstress Adventures: Placemats Part 3.2

Other stuff too.

I mentioned in my last post that I found 6 placemats that I started a long time ago. I used quilting cotton on both sides and iron interface batting in the center. I “quilted” the fabric a little bit to keep everything flat. Two of the placemats were already bound, TERRIBLY. I wish I took a picture before seam ripping the binding off of both “finished” pieces. A third was pinned. There was not enough binding left to complete the remaining placemats. I had used a 1/2″ double fold bias tape. I currently have 1″ double fold bias tape. All of the placemats now have 1″ binding.

The other issue, these placemats were substantially larger than the ones I just finished. I used my template to trim. Spoiler: I didn’t take into account seam allowances in the new ones (facepalm).

This means I have 6 additional placemats, bringing my total up to 18. Not bad. Even if 6 of them are an inch large. I have still successfully completed a long languishing sewing project!! Maybe I’m starting to becomes a Less Shoddy Seamstress.

That was yesterday. Today we are starting our prep for Easter. We hardboiled 3 dozen eggs for the kids to decorate tomorrow. The kids and I made “giant pocky” and dipped pretzel rods this afternoon. The chocolate is setting up now.

I’ve been engaged with fiber arts too. I started knitting a new oven/hot mitt. Its slow going. I think my previous ones were double strand as opposed to triple. Meh. I’ll make it work. Still crocheting away on the Kyyyyle blanket. I have to finish 5 squares and the border and weave in all the ends before washing and mailing it out. It doesn’t lay as flat as I want, I single crocheted the squares together, and that hasn’t made it pucker in the past. Maybe washing it will relax the whole thing. Regardless of how I feel about the aesthetics, it is nice and warm and hand made for a friend. Who I’m absolutely certain will love it and use it.

The weather has been unexpectedly chilly, so all my zinnia planting machinations will need to be delayed until next week. The cold spell has been an opportunity for me to get a few more wears out of my knits. Right Round today (no pic) and my Stained Glass Sally Cardigan yesterday. And yes, I’ve been drinking ALL THE TEA.

Tea and (short-sleeved wool) cardigans.

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