Year of Projects: Week 41

What day is it even??

Holidays always get me all twisted around with my days. Today is Monday, not the customary Sunday when I (SHOULD) do my Year of Projects Posts (YOP).

Other Stuff First:

I’m mostly better from my mild illness. So much better in fact that my favorite trainer did his annual Memorial Day workout in the park this morning and I went. It was as grueling as it usually is, albeit unseasonably cool- which NONE of us complained about. But we ALL complained about actually exercising and doing crazy push-up variations, so it was just like “normal”. I’m excited that as early as NEXT week he’s going to be offering in-person personal/weight training at a boutique gym pretty close to my house. This morning really cleared my head and I feel much more at peace mentally. I get crabby and cagey when I don’t get enough joyful movement into my life. But I’m REALLY bad at motivating myself at home, and need to go somewhere for accountability. Johnny over at Straight Shot Training is awesome, and I’m thrilled to start training with him after a year long hiatus.

I Baked Yesterday

I made a bean and oatmeal pie yesterday. Yes, its good. Yes the ingredient combination is WEIRD. Usually Bean Pies are made with Navy Beans. I had some dried Pinto Beans, so that’s what I used. I had initially intended to make a mock pecan pie with the Pinto Beans, but all the recipes had pecans- an ingredient NOT in my pantry. I swapped the evaporated milk and the white sugar for sweetened condensed milk. I used a little brown sugar (1/4 c) for flavor. My kids loved it. The oatmeal was a bit gratuitous, but the pie does NOT fall apart easily. If I try it again, it’ll be omitted. I blended all the ingredients in the food processer until SMOOTH. Not a pretty pie, or a fancy pie. I’ll fiddle with the recipe again in the future.

Onto Yarn-y Business!

I have used 54/100 balls of stash yarn since January 1st of this calendar year. Go me, I’ve got this goal in the bag.


I finished my weird hat. I accidentally stretched the piece when measuring it. Its a BIT too snug. I’ll try blocking out the sock yarn. It’ll be fine. I had other pictures but they are not very good. Both yarns are stash.

4-corners baby sized

I finished my 4-corners C2C baby sized blanket. I ran out of the olive and tan yarns before I could complete my initial striping sequence. Whoops. Lucky for me, its now a “design” feature. I had no plans on getting more yarn for this scrap-ghan. I still haven’t wove in the ends, don’t have a recipient in mind yet.

Next up the centers for my Zinnia Baby Blanket. Stash and partial balls, except the blue and the aqua. They were purchased a few weeks ago to tie together some kind of scrappy blanket project. Ta-Da. This will go to my daughter’s teacher. She is expecting a baby early next school year. I hope its not too personal of a gift, but I like her and she has made her classroom in an unconventional school year run so smoothly. My daughter lovers her immensely. Currently I have 35 centers, with the intent to make the blanket 5×7 squares, but may amend to 6×6 (and whip up another square), if its too long and narrow. School ends on the 17th, I have 2 weeks to finish it up. Considering I started on Friday, I think I can do it.

No new progress. I hope the v-neck is as low and trashy with the sleeves on it as it is right now. (hahhahahahahha)

And that’s my week. Hopefully next week I can discuss some actual YOP finished projects.


9 responses to “Year of Projects: Week 41”

  1. Really love the colors of your sweater. I think the Zinnia baby blanket will be cherished by your daughter’s teacher. OK, so how do you do the decreases on your 4 corner blanket? I’m about at that stage. I did yarnovers for the increases to create kinda a border. So I’m thinking I need to continue the yarnovers but do double decreases to on each edge to make the blanket go back down. Sound right??

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  2. Low and trashy!! lol. Love that expression!! I also love the colours – very autumny! (is that a word?) Well done on the C2C and the design element looks very deliberate! Your stash busting is going great.


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