Acute-ly Stashbusting

Some stash fingering weigh for the Acute Shawl

For years, I have stoutly refused to make the same pattern twice. But as the designer, I can make the same pattern repeatedly. What’s that about? The Acute Shawl (Rav link) is no exception to my multiple makes of my own patterns. This one is my 4th, and is different than all the others! Its fingering and worked with stash (like the original) but THIS one is crocheted with smaller quantities to give it a colorblock effect. This will ultimately use AT LEAST 5 partial balls of yarn toward my 2021 goal of 100 balls of stash used. Winning!! I am not entirely certain 5 balls is enough, and may possibly require many additional.

Shameless Self Promotion: The Acute Shawl is FREE and recently released!!

I’m still plugging away on my Hobbit Door throw, but I needed something smaller. And lighter (its late-July in Maryland). And portable. I also have a friend experiencing a bit of a rough patch, so if I like the way it FEELS after blocking, its off to them. Nothing like a tangible hug replacement from friends outside of easy visiting radius.

Crocheting with dark yarns… not so bad in THIS project!

I really like the colors I have available, and if I didn’t need to rip EVERYTHING out, I would have started with the black instead of the purple. If it looks too awful, NOTHING is stopping me from dip dying the first block black after the whole project is complete. There are always options!!



3 responses to “Acute-ly Stashbusting”

  1. That’s a lovely shawl pattern! I can see it in handspun already. Hmmm … you’re giving me ideas!

    I agree, sending your f.o. to your friend is a lovely gesture. I’m sure it’ll be appreciated.

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