Year of Projects: Week 50/51

Just Drifting.

OOf. It’s a good thing school is starting back up again soon, because I seem to have lost track of time and days recently. I am, at my heart a creature of habit and ROUTINE. Having lost so many of my routine activities (teaching knit/crochet, the gym, kids’ activities), I sometimes find myself adrift. As in, I have no idea what day it is and the concept of time passage is both limitless and stagnant. This means I have frequently been missing the Saturday Farmer’s Market and my YOP updates. For a moment, I was unsure if to day was REALLY Sunday.

In the past couple weeks I’ve been working on stuff!

I finished the Acute shawl (rav link) for a friend last week. After blocking it, I wrapped it up for shipping without taking a picture! Whoops!

I made a cactus from my Darn Good Yarn cactus kit! Its cute and I’ve already ideas to improve it.

I started on a cotton/acrylic version of a pattern I started last year, PlumBody to Love. I have been thinking about exactly HOW I want to present the customization options. I think I finally figured it out. Right now, I’m approaching the front/back split! This yarn suggests a 5mm, but the 4.5mm is producing a fabric that drapes, but has some structure.

And I was able to complete an item from my FIRST half-year YOP list! I hanked and set the twist on all my spun yarns! Now I have fixed my wheel and have free bobbins to use! Some of the yarns (the three at the bottom of the heart) are going into the hand-spun pop-over vest/short-sleeve sweater I’m making myself. I’m unsure of the fate of the remainder of the yarns.
My cheater boucle is a single paired with a commercial lace weight. The colorway is called “Godric’s Hollow” maybe by Hobbledehoy Fibers? The green one is a mystery currently; I might have the tag somewhere. The pink and the light multi-color are both from Serendipitous Ewe. Pink and purple was a pencil roving, Fingerwolle, by Schoppel-Wolle that spouse got me on a work trip to Germany a decade (???) or so ago? The top heart center and the sparkly one (aqua center) are from Gourmet Stash (from 2014 or so). Lastly, the reddish one (left/center) is a silk/wool blend from Halcyon Yarns. This one isn’t complete. I am going to RE-ply it with a single/commercial grey laceweight combination for a 4-ply with some texture (from the commercially spun). I also have a good bit of this fiber left UNSPUN. So much of my stash is so old that the dyers have moved on from selling their fiber.

I’m super excited to share my wrap up next week! I should have the “hobbit blanket” complete (spoiler, I ripped out A LOT and re-did it to my satisfaction), my PlumBody version 2.0, and some sewing.

Until next week!


18 responses to “Year of Projects: Week 50/51”

  1. Agree the pandemic has made it hard to figure out the day of the week. I was so glad when my knitting group started meeting again. Mask requirements means I’m not going to church so I also struggled today with what day it was. Interesting to mix handspun with commerical yarns. Congrats on an FO.

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  2. You’ve been busy and I can relate to not knowing what day it is. I’m retired and live alone and it is so easy to get confused especially when there’s a holiday. Congrats on finishing your shawl and all your lovely yarns!

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    • It is strange for me- my last job was scheduling and logistics. I used to know the day and date everyday for 6 weeks- that is a strange “superpower” to have.

      Thank you! I’m looking forward to many more finishes in my future.


  3. Your fiber stash and my fiber stash should get together for coffee to reminisce about the good ol’ days. I have the exact same “problem” – lots of fibers waiting to be spun up and many cases where the dyers are no longer dyeing. Congrats on your mid-year milestone!

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    • One of my YOP goals for next year is to spin SOME of my fiber stash. I have some natural alpaca that I want to spin this year. It is some of my earliest fiber acquisition.


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