A Year of Projects: Week 2

Make Stuff!

I didn’t get to work on EVERYTHING I wanted to work on this week. But guess what, I’m a going to go with the flow! Let’s focus on what I DID accomplish.

Not YOP, but still an accomplishment: Yesterday I moved around some “organization” stuff in my daughter’s room. I use the word organization loosely, because she is seven. I have admitted defeat, officially. Expecting her to sort her stuff into labeled tiny bins and containers when she puts her toys away is unrealistic. Kids like the chaotic dump, cram, and stuff method of storage/cleaning. We now have half a dozen undifferentiated bins in an easy to access bookcase. She seems thrilled. I am horrified by the wanton disregard of any semblance of order. But I can see the floor of her bedroom and closet and there isn’t a bunch of stuff crammed under her dresser and inside her dollhouses. Looks like we all win.

I finished the cotton version of my PlumBody top! I still haven’t washed/blocked it yet. But all the ends are woven in and the shoulders are kitchener-ed up. It is too warm and heavy to wear on a hot and humid day. The pattern is written, next up is final diagrams and test knitting! I really love this design, and I’m so excited to finally be at a stage to share it. It is a SUPER easy, SEAMLESS knit with some interesting construction bits. Its worked on size 7/4.5mm needles and uses DK/Lt Worsted/Worsted weight yarn.
This version had a bit of yarn chicken built into it, but also modifications taken into account of the fiber. I shortened the sleeves and I made the body a bit more cropped. In retrospect, I could have also made short-rows to bring down the front body an inch or so (my chest hikes everything up). I’ll wait to wash/block to determine any recommendations.

I decided to knit a pair of socks out of the Darn Good Yarn kit I got earlier this summer (I’ll talk about the yarn in the future). I am working a textured stitch called “Dragon Scales” from Oh La Lana. Honestly, I think these have a diamond shape reminiscent of my Say Yes To Pie Socks (Rav link- because that’s only where it is for now), but bigger. Working title: Mother of Dragons Socks. The self-striping is not the best ever choice (the texture gets lost) but I’m 100% going to knit these again in the “leftover” orange from the Say Yes To Pie socks with contrast heels, toes and (possibly) cuffs! But I might make them top down because I want to see if tubular cast-on “fixes” my issue with top-down socks.

No pictures, but I watched a little video on how to install my walking foot on my sewing machine recently. This past week, I installed the foot on MY machine (swapped the needle for a ballpoint needle) and tested it on a super stretchy knit piece. FRIJOLES!! It worked! MY machine didn’t try to eat the fabric! No puckering either. So coming up I have 1 PJ dress (for girl child), 1 PJ dress (for me), and 1 pair of PJ pants (also me).
I have also been sewing my scraps into a larger fabric. It may become a quilt or a throw. a top or back to a larger project. No idea yet.
Piecing all these random pieces together is a bit time consuming; I’m trying to make my sewing a lower waste endeavor. I don’t want to contribute to the textile problem plaguing landfills. Textile recycling isn’t readily accessible in my area.

That been my YOP week!


16 responses to “A Year of Projects: Week 2”

  1. The sweater looks ikea it is super comfy. I love positive ease sweaters. Heck I live positive ease tops in general. I don’t like to feel hugged in my clothes. The socks look good too. Sounds like you have conquered the fabric eating sewing machine issues. Woohoo!

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  2. I think your daughter and I have a similar domestic mindset 😂 That’s a really lovely jumper, how frustrating it’s not quite the weather for it yet. I see your point about the pattern but that self striping yarn is beautiful.

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    • By and large, I’m an OK house keeper. But my drawers and closets are sorted and organized. Like they are the only thing holding chaos at bay in my life.

      The yarn really striped beautifully- and it was SO inexpensive. In a few weeks, this will likely be my go to top!


    • Its just the yarn! Not even fancy stuff, it was some K&C Yarn at Joann’s that was on sale for $1.99 a ball (I used 7 balls). Honestly, I’m shocked it worked up so nice!
      The socks will be nearly identical, and couldn’t be more matched unless I manually striped them!

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  3. Your sweater looks beautiful, Cinna! I love the colors in the yarn you used. And I’d love to see a picture of your scrappy piece of fabric. Some day I want to do some kind of crazy quilting (which is what your piecing is making me think of). I don’t know what I’m waiting on to give it a try, but I find the idea of piecing random pieces of fabric together fascinating and would love to see what you’ve done. 🙂

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    • Thanks!! I am trying to be less wasteful with sewing. My area doesn’t have textile recycling available, and just landfilling a bunch of project unsuitable scraps doesn’t sit well with me.


  4. You designed your own sweater? Amazing! I can barely knit one much less design it! I love your socks and those pretty yarns! Good for you with your sewing! I have a newer machine and I need to see if my old walking fit works with it. Your patchwork top sounds so pretty! I can’t wait to see it. Have a great week!

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