A Year of Projects: Week 3

No Kitten, time for a YOP Update!

Last week. Phew! I made a little progress on sewing through my fabric stash. I finished a pair of socks. I am working on the first test round of my Until We Win: Fight Shawl.

I wrote about my socks here and my sewing here, just in case you missed it. The socks are recent stash- they count toward my “Use 100 balls of stash yarn in 2021” and knit 3 pairs of socks for YOP 21/22. The shawl uses repurposed frogged yarn, and is part of Pattern Development and using stash yarn goals.

This morning, there were birds eating my zinnia mature flower seeds! I saw 4 total, but only captured a picture of 1. I’ve seen humming birds enjoying the nectar, but this is the first time I saw non-nectar eating birds out there in the flowers. The picture isn’t the best, its taken from my iPhone, Zoomed in 10x, THROUGH a window that should be cleaned inside and out.

Its a bird. A small bird. Like a finch or a warbler or something. I can identify like 4 birds, and this isn’t one of them.

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  1. Love your socks, the colours and stripes are lovely. Here’s an idea for using up even the tiniest scraps: try soluvlies. You just throw a bunch of scraps on it, iron over them to attach them to the soluvlies, then free-motion sew over them (make sure you really sew over every scrap), and then wash the soluvlies away in cold water. Voila – a new piece of fabric that you can cut up to use in a quilt, or use for a bag or pillow or whatever strikes your fancy.

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