FO and Storm Aftermath

Yesterday afternoon Hurricane Ida moved through the area. You wouldn’t know by today’s shining sun, however the aftermath is apparent by looking at the ground. I haven’t been beyond my yard today, but regionally, there’s been a lot of property damage from rain, flooding, and tornadoes. The district closed school today; I think this is the earliest inclement weather closure of any school year yet! There were a number of roads closed this morning because of flooding and trees down.

The district caught a LOT of community flack for yesterday’s dismissal disasters across the county. A bus with 10 kids on it had to be rescued from flood waters. The sheriff’s department ordered all busses off the road and back to schools yesterday. Parents and guardians needed to go get kids, and some schools had pick-up lines multiple hours long because of this. No worries, we had no issues, just damp elementary schoolers.

My zinnia were bowled over by the heavy rains. This is not a surprise. They had gotten quite leggy, and I had been thinking of replanting the beds with mums next week anyway. I broke my kitchen shears clipping the stalks back and then did what I should have done to begin with: went to the shed and got the pruning shears. I didn’t break the pruning shears. Tomorrow, I’ll go out and get another pair of kitchen shears; which ironically I was looking at when I was in Home Goods the other day.

Today WAS going to be a sewing day. With the kids home, that didn’t happen. However. I DID finish my socks this morning!

This yarn is the $7 yarn I purchased from Darn Good Yarn earlier this summer, it was 260 yards total, and I used all but 3 or 4 yards. Its back up at the $30 price now. I used a size 2/2.75mm for the body and a size 1/2.25mm for the ribbing. I had enough yarn to do another pattern repeat above the ankle, instead of doing 30 rounds of 2×2 ribbing. I thought 130 yards would make below or at the ankle socks on my size 9.5 (eu 40) feet. The stitch count is 64. Toe-up with a short-row heel, and a k2tog bind-off. I was going to do a sewn bind-off, but changed my mind last minute.
Pros: the stripes are almost perfectly matched (within a dozen stitches). Just enough yarn for a pair of socks. No leftovers. Vibrant. A REALLY good value when you catch a sale. Already caked up and ready to go (no prep required). Cute box packaging keeps things neat and would present nicely as a gift.
Cons: I wouldn’t pay full price, not nearly enough yarn for the $30 asking price. They yarn is a little splitty, not a tight spun yarn. If you like to knit socks on size 1 or smaller needles and/or have larger feet, this might not be enough yarn to make socks without contrast heels/toes/cuffs

Not the yarn’s fault: the pattern stitch got lost. I recommend the most basic or stitches: stockinette or rib. A bias construction would look really cool.

I like the stitch pattern, and have IDEAS for a semi-solid version with contrast toes/heels/cuffs. Instead of constructing it toe-up, I have an idea for top down.


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